It is one of these warnings, when you ask yourself: Who does that? In the US, gift cards showed up on iTunes a clear message: “Can not be used for payments outside of the US iTunes or App Stores, using. Inclusive of taxes,” – said recently, the small plastic cards, according to “Apple Insider”. Taxes pay by iTunes gift card? What sounds like a bad joke, in the United States is a real Problem.

Every year the season, in the spring of messages from scammers who collect by threatening call alleged tax arrears accumulate there during the Tax. Bizarre: In iTunes, in particular, seem to be coupons popular that the US tax authority, the IRS confirmed to the TV station “CNBC”.

Quick attack In just 12 seconds, these robbers from a Apple Store By Malte Mansholt million damage with iTunes-was

The mesh of the Reporter of the transmitter in the flesh could know. A call from a unknown number called for there research, that he should pay his taxes. Without delay, he should buy it from a Store in the vicinity of iTunes credit and on the phone. Then he should enter the sixteen-digit Code. On the question of whether he could not also pay by credit card, he heard only: “it is now too late.”

As the Reporter – of course – not paid, he received prompt further Drohnachricht on the answering machine. The police were already on the way to him, this was his last Chance. Again he called, was ready for payment. Although he was never asked his name, he should give it immediately To his or her social security number to match his or her “act”. When he inquired then, he was thrown out of the line.

Although the mesh sounds shocking, obviously, still seem to many to fall for it, explained to the tax authority. Approximately 54 million dollars of damage are caused by these and similar calls between 2013 and 2018, said the IRS to “CNBC”.

the scammer, of all things, the iTunes on-demand coupons, is expected to have a simple reason for this. The balance can be very easy and also stable on platforms such as Ebay to sell them, the scammers will get so with little effort and the discovery of danger, clean of money. The IRS warns, therefore, for years, the authority never ask you by phone call money – and, a fortiori, no iTunes vouchers accepts. If Apple’s warning card is directly on the coupon is successful, it will need to show.

sources: Apple Insider, CNBC