Team Fortress 2 players have been expressing their disappointment after the announcement of the Funko Fusion DLC, especially considering the ongoing botting issues in the game. The DLC, which is for another game called Funko Fusion, has left many players feeling let down as they were hoping for more updates and support from Valve for Team Fortress 2.

Funko Fusion is a game that features Funko Pop-style characters reenacting scenes from famous films, which has not been well-received by the TF2 community. Many players have taken to online forums to express their disapproval, with some even saying they would prefer dealing with bots in the game rather than seeing this collaboration happen.

While some players are hopeful that this DLC might lead to the creation of physical TF2 Funko Pop figures or more updates from Valve, the reality is that Team Fortress 2 has not seen a major update since 2017. The game has only received seasonal updates and community-made content via the Steam Workshop in recent years, indicating that the days of active development for TF2 may be over.

Despite the disappointment surrounding the Funko Fusion DLC, it will be available for free on Steam and will include characters like Scout, Engineer, Medic, and Heavy when it launches on September 13. The DLC promises to bring “uniquely authentic humor” to the game, but many players remain skeptical about its appeal.

In the meantime, players continue to voice their concerns about the state of Team Fortress 2 and the lack of support from Valve. The community is eager for more updates and improvements to the game, but it remains to be seen whether Valve will address these issues in the future.

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Whether you’re a fan of Team Fortress 2 or just enjoy playing a variety of games, it’s important to stay engaged with the gaming community to ensure you don’t miss out on any important updates or events. And who knows, maybe one day Valve will surprise us all with a major update for Team Fortress 2 that will reignite the excitement and passion of its dedicated player base.