Tesla plans to produce batteries at its new plant

Tesla plans to build in Fremont (California) plant for the development and production of batteries, which will work around the clock.

the Project, dubbed Roadrunner, indicates the efforts of the American manufacturer of electric cars to take over production of automotive battery — the most expensive components of electric cars.

Tesla is currently in Fremont makes small batches of batteries. Now, the company has applied for the approval of the city government to create increased production. Tesla estimates that the plant construction, including the installation of all production equipment, can be completed in approximately 3 months.

the object will be attracted 470 people, of which 400 will be “working in shifts, so that production at any point in time throughout the day, every day will work 100 people.”

Chief Executive officer Elon Musk earlier this week said that on September 15 he will conduct a tour of the production of batteries Tesla. The meeting will combine with the event “Battery day” (Day battery), which will be announced considerable progress in the development of battery technology.

currently, Tesla manufactures the batteries together with the Japanese Corporation Panasonic on Gigabit in Nevada. The company also has contracts to supply batteries with the South Korean company LG Chem Ltd.

Together with Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. Tesla is developing a battery of new type, designed for a total run of about one million miles (1.6 million km), which will allow Tesla to sell electric cars with the benefit for the same price or cheaper than gasoline cars, told Reuters sources familiar with the plans of the company.

With a global fleet of more than 1 million electric cars that can connect and distribute electricity in the network, Tesla is going the getI status of the energy company, competing with traditional energy providers like Pacific Gas & Electric and Tokyo Electric Power, said the sources.