Tesla becomes the most expensive car company in the world

Shares of Tesla exceeded $ 1,000, making it the most valuable car company in the world.

company for the production of electric vehicles is estimated at $ 190 billion, surpassing Toyota and now worth more than Ford, General Motors, Honda and Fiat Chrysler combined.

the Shares got a boost on Tuesday after CEO Elon Musk sent an email to employees in which he said that the new electric Tesla Semi tractor ready for “serial production”.

the letter also indicated that the production of batteries and power units for Semi Tesla will be produced at the plant in Nevada. The Assembly of the remaining components going to spread to other factories of the company.

the company’s share Price rose to its previous highs early in the year and then fell sharply amid concerns over production difficulty due Covid-19.

Tesla was forced to close its plants in Fremont (CA) and Buffalo (new York) due to the pandemic, and recently opened a plant in China was also forced to suspend work for several weeks in the beginning of the year.

the company’s Plants had reopened after Mr. Musk has threatened to leave California if the local government does not remove restrictions on her activities.

Later the leak of the letter and information contained therein, Musk confirmed on Twitter answering a question from one of my subscribers.