Deutsche Telekom has opened three weeks after the auction of the frequencies for the fifth generation of mobile communication, their 5G network for customers.

Currently, the Telecom operates in Europe, 150 antennas 5G-technology in a closed Test. On Wednesday, Telekom also launched the sales of the first 5G-compatible Smartphones and 5G rates. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is available for just under 900 euros. The 5G Tariff for unlimited Surfing costs just 85 euros in the month.

The public 5G network of the Telekom is launching first in Berlin and Bonn, announced Dirk Wössner, chief Executive of Telekom Germany. Thereafter, Darmstadt, Hamburg, Leipzig, and München will follow. “We will set up at the end of the year, around 300 new antennas at more than 100 locations.”

The Telekom operates in Germany to date, almost 30 000 aerial sites. This would now gradually Wössner stressed to 5G converted. “Three-quarters of the sites are already connected with fibre-glass and so on 5G prepared.”