With more than 20 knife 15 is supposed to have killed bites-Year-old, his classmate Keira in Berlin. In the non-public murder trial at the regional court of the capital will be speaking on Thursday (11.30 am) expected in the judgment. The mother of stabbing 14-Year-old will be as a plaintiff in the courtroom. The death of her daughter had nationwide triggered bewilderment.

According to court information, the public Prosecutor has called for a youth sentence of nine years and ten months for the German students. The defenders had pleaded a significantly lower sentence because of a “possibly less serious case of manslaughter”.

Keira is away from the Public

The alleged perpetrator and the victim negotiated knew each other, they went to the same school. The youth 7 on. March access to the apartment of Keira in Alt-hohenschönhausen gives and you have “tatplan under” killed. The mother, Karin G. found her bloodied daughter as she came home from work. Doctors did not manage to save the girl.

the trial in Berlin, “This is an exceptional case,” – Stabbed the 15-Year-old, his classmate from the “lust of murder”? DPA

Because of the young age of the accused, the case was worked up for two months without a Public sphere. Accused of murder out of malice, ulterior motives, and lust for murder. That lust for murder is charged when a youth, was very rare, had a lawyer, Roland Weber emphasized to the trial. The means to kill out of joy, to destroy another life. Weber, who is also the victim of a representative of the state of Berlin, accompanied the mother as a plaintiff.

14-Year-old was with 24 stitches

The 15-Year-old, who went to the same school, killed to have a year younger speed skater with 24 stitches of a kitchen knife in the neck, torso and back killed. One of the stitches got hit in the heart. In investigators circles it was said that both had agreed to meet for homework.

The responsibility for your daughter have not stopped with her death, had Karin G., the German press Agency in an interview in her apartment before the start of the process. “In my life, nothing is as it was. And there is nothing that makes up for it. My daughter stays dead.”

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