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One of the most popular systems in the world of “smart” lights Philips Hue produced by the company Signify has started to sell officially in Russia. In the offline retail and network from June 2 to appeared:

a set of Philips Hue Color Ambiance E27 Starter kit with three colored lamps control module the Hue Bridge and control-dimmers for the price of 16 490 roubleshooting tape Philips Hue light strip (6990 p. for basic 2-meter module)is a portable rechargeable lamp Philips Hue Go (7990 R)colour lamp with dynamic lighting Philips Hue Play that is synchronized with TV or monitor (5590 for option with one panel 11 990 — two)separately color White bulb Philips Hue and Color Ambiance with the standard E27 will cost 4990 doubletake on sale motion sensor Motion sensor Hue, he stands 4290 R.

Вести.Ru studied in two products of the above a starter set of three bulbs and the lamp Hue Go. This was controlled via iPhone app — Hue and Hue BT, and the voice, with the help of the smart column with “Alice”.

the Philips Hue Review: unboxing and setup

Opening the packaging Starter Kit we see the three led bulbs with E27 base, control box with power adapter and Ethernet cable and also a remote control with four buttons. He attached magnets to the white plastic panel where the reverse side of the provided adhesive pads — can be mounted anywhere, on virtually any surface.

the First configuration step is to screw the bulb into the lamp and turn on. They light up instantly and Shine bright: 806 lumens. This intensity correspond roughly 60-vatnum filament lamps, but the led lamp consumes much less — 9W. The shade can be changed (choice of 16 million colors), and the temperature of the white varies in widtheye the range of 2000 to 6500 Kelvin. The manufacturer promises a lamp life of 25 000 hours.

Then the control module with the Hue Bridge (pictured above) need to connect the Ethernet cable to the router. In fact, the Hue bulb of the latest generation in this module, no need of application of Hue BT you can manage and Bluetooth. But some other devices from ecosystems can only work on the Zigbee Protocol, in this case, no Bridge not enough. It allows to unite in one system up to 50 lamps and 12 accessories. In addition, without a Bridge the impossible scenario of remote lighting control via Internet.

the Third essential component of the system — the Hue app for iOS or Android. It after launch need to launch the detection control unit, and when he is found — push the big round pairing button on the Hue Bridge. After that, the app displays all available devices Hue, you can combine them into rooms or zones. Since the set of lamps in each zone can be arbitrary, to create different lighting options — weight.

the Philips Hue Review: ecosystems and applications

Philips Hue Products can be integrated into the ecosystem of smart home for Apple HomeKit. You need to get in the house was an iPad or Apple TV device will act as a hub, but the command for turning on-off of light, change colors and activate pre-programmed lighting scenarios can be given with the iPhone and Apple Watch. Including using Siri.

In Russia it is not less actual integration of Philips Hue with voice assistant “Alice” from “Yandex”. When the smart speakers with it appears the opportunity to control the Hue light bulbs by voice commands VROde “Turn off the lights in the living room” or “turn on orange light.” And you can still some work to do and be programmed in the “Devices” section of the application “Yandex” scenarios. Then uttering, say, “Alice, we have a romantic dinner” will simultaneously enable dimmed, warm lighting and love, corresponding to the moment of music.

Screenshots: “Yandex”

unfortunately, the staff AT the Hue not so many pre-defined lighting scenarios as we would like. You can download new in the menu Extras => Hue Labs, there is a lot of interesting things, including dynamic lighting programs for meditation (change the brightness of the light sets the rhythm of breathing), or yoga workouts, and even a game of fire:

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we’ve got 3 new Hue Labs formulas! Try out Guided yoga Quick workout, and a Fire rescue game (specially for little ones!), all designed to support you while you stay at home.

Publish from Philips Hue (@philipshue) May 27, 2020 6:04 PDT

due to restrictions (which, it is hoped, over time, eliminate), control the “laboratory” scenario falls from the depths of the menu, add them to the main screen control the lighting in the room or zone will not work. They will not work if your provider has problems with the Internet connection.

There is another way to seriously expand the capabilities of the lamps and luminaires Hue software and installing third-party applications. At initial the configuration of each of them will have to press the pairing button on the Bridge, after which the connection is maintained automatically. The most popular of such programs (at least on iOS) — OnSwitch, however, for access to all of the suggested scenarios lighting will have to subscribe.

There are “musical” apps that work with Hue, but each of them found a fly in the ointment. For example, iLightShow only supports the music from Apple Music or Spotify. Another application, Light DJ, you’re supposed to obtain the audio signal on the microphone of the device and so will work even with prababushkin a gramophone. Only here is it in full version 3690 rubles per year, or 599 a month. It would be great if the development of such services has invested the manufacturer Hue, Signify, probably would work more smoothly and would be an added inducement to buy expensive equipment.

review of the Philips Hue: the Hue lamp Go

Creating a cozy atmosphere with the products of the Hue, don’t have to stay tied to stationary lighting. In the ecosystem is a lamp Hue Go with a built-in battery that you can take with you on nature, the garden or the balcony, or just to get him anywhere in the apartment. Leg allows you to put it horizontally or at an angle.

For portable lamp Hue Go pretty bright (520 lumens, use lamp 6 watts). The LEDs hidden in a frosted plastic case, so when you turn it, it seems that the device glows entirely. Control cable and connecting it to the Hue Bridge, and directly through the Hue app BT. It is possible without it button in the lower part of thetrojstva switch built-in scripts, among which is a very pretty imitation flickering candles.

the application possibilities even more. For example, the Hue Go can be configured as a light alarm clock. At the specified time, the lamp will gradually increase its brightness, and by the time work your main merciless interrupter of sleep, go to wakefulness will be easier — very important thing for the winter months. It is possible and, conversely, to help yourself fall asleep, by programming a gradual decrease in brightness and increase in “warmth” of light. Some studies show that it helps the normal operation of the circadian rhythms — the cycles of sleep and wakefulness in which the body controls with the help of certain hormones, focusing on lighting and temperature.

There are several “but” — for example, that the built-in battery capacity Go are pretty limited. At full brightness white light it can Shine on the strength of three hours. It wouldn’t be a problem, imase the opportunity to energize the lamp through the standard USB connector from laptop battery. However, the design does not provide alternatives to the regular power adaptor with a cylindrical plug. At the same time, in nightlight mode the battery should last for a day, and in the “candles” for 18 hours.

in fact, the product with the price tag of a hundred Euro expect to see more features — the same intensity of glow right on the device, the resistance or the battery indicator (if not on the body, at least in the Appendix). But Hue Go categorically minimalistic — it’s just a few hours of light with sixteen million colors to choose from that you can take with you anywhere.

scenarios for the use of such lamps weight: simulate the flicker of candles during a romantic dinner to improve concentration in the workplace in cloudy days thanks to the bright cold light and pomopolicy easier to fall asleep simulate sunset. And, you can switch the lamp on some exotic shade, reading a child a bedtime story, to stand in the garden at the cottage on a warm summer evening or an original way to highlight yourself during video calls with friends on Zoom — the mass of options. Well, about the integration with the ecosystem, let’s not forget — Go can connect to Bridge, add in the application in any “rooms” and “zones” and use in all lighting scenarios.

the Philips Hue Review: impressions

the Device Philips Hue done very efficiently. Everything from the packaging to the materials corresponds to the high price. It is clear that multi-color led light bulb with Bluetooth from a Chinese brand on Aliexpress is 5 thousand rubles to buy just 4 pieces instead of one. But the quality and ability of the ecosystem will be quite different.

while Many underestimate the role of correctly chosen lighting in creating atmosphere and comfort — what can I say, if people often still did not hesitate to twist the bulb with cold light in the floor lamp in the living room or lamps in the bedroom. That is where all the rules of the light should be warm, helps to relax.

Colorful coverage generally provides limitless possibilities — for example, “paint” a white wall several times a day with the help of Hue Light Strip to recreate the romance of candlelight without fire, or a nightclub atmosphere in the living room. In General, it’s time to understand that the right lighting can transform a house as well as minor repairs. And if you want a new level of comfort in the cost (especially in comparison with the same repair) is not so expensive.

Another thing that a beginner home smart light from Signify in Russia may not be enough information or ideas about how best to use different lights, the shades of light and dynamic scenarios in the interior. There would be useful learning the content in the official blog and YouTube channel, but in Russian this yet. And, of course, really want to wait for appearance in Russia in the official sale Hue light bulbs with bases different from the E27. In the meantime, users because of this is quite limited in the choice of lamps.

Text: Nicholas Belkin
Illustrations: Signify, Apple, Nicholas Belkin

Text: To.Hi-tech