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Sustainable Smartphone the fairphone 3 presented


The Dutch Initiative Fairphone has launched the third Generation of its Smartphones on the market.

“The fair phone 3 proves that Fairness and a respect for resources with convenience and technical capabilities are compatible,” said the company’s CEO, Eva Gouwens. In comparison to the second Fairphone-Generation four years ago, the price of 525 euros, was reduced to 450 Euro.

Fairphone has made it a priority to leave as many components as possible of its Smartphones in a sustainable and under decent conditions produce. This relates to the manufacturing of the Smartphones. Furthermore, the company is trying to procure the raw materials for the Smartphone from “fair” sources. Through a modular design, repairs are to be simplified. Many Hardware parts, such as the screen, the cameras and the battery can be bought and replaced. So a spare battery is available for just under 30 Euro.

Gouwens said, Fairphone does not want to be satisfied that raw materials for electronic equipment from mines with medieval stem from work conditions. It was not that discarded equipment landfill sites in Africa, landed. So far, only 20 percent of old Smartphones property would be disposed of. “We are trying to build a Smartphone that for as long as possible can be used. It must also be easy to repair.”

In the fair phone 3, a mid-range Chip with eight cores, the 632-Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, a 12-Megapixel camera with 4K Video on the back and a 8-megapixels selfie camera on the front side. The built-in memory of 64 gigabytes and can be expanded with a microSD card to a maximum of 400 gigabytes. The device comes with the Google Android operating system 9 (Pie). Fairphone promises to provide the Software for five years with Updates.

among the materials used for the fair phone 3 responsibility according to the company’s full and conflict-free trade of Tin and tungsten, recycled copper, and plastic, as well as Fairtrade Gold. “Fairphone is the first electronics manufacturer in the world, the Fairtrade Gold in its supply chain integrated and is also working on an Initiative for better sources of supply of cobalt, the key mineral of the energy transition,” said company founder Bas van Abel.

Fairphone is in the global Smartphone market, so far only a niche Player. Of the first two generations since 2013, to 175,000 units were sold, of which 115.000 Fairphone 2. For comparison: In the year 2018, worldwide, about 1.7 billion Smartphones were sold. Alone, sales of the iPhone is over 200 million pieces in the year. “For a fair phone, it is important to grow,” said Fairphone CEO Gouwens. So you can exercise when you Acquire the components of greater impact.

Really good repairable devices in the Smartphone industry so far, a rare exception. A conspiracy of the manufacturers do not put but behind it, said analyst Carolina Milanesi from the US market researchers Creative Strategies of the dpa. That phones are so difficult to repair, spent more on the Design. Miniaturization and, above all, dust – and water-tightness could be otherwise difficult to achieve.

A modular Design that could be defective components are easier to replace, yet offer only a few manufacturers like Fairphone, or shift phones. The easy part exchange, however, a construction, which could be very bad to adjust – both for components as well as in the choice of material, as Milanesi.

in addition to a cost-effective and easily customizable design, it is also the buyers with a reason that phones are so poorly repaired. Because of the desire for more sustainable technology to the end consumer, usually at the point of the Design or performance of a device being affected.

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