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In the factory buildings, halls, shots resist reading. Fighting in the ground floor, some of the characters hide behind crates and barrels. From a Radio of the Valkyrie blasting ride of Richard Wagner. Meanwhile, the player on the second floor, lies down on the bed. Your health meter in the process, leaves something to be desired, medicinal or food she has no more. A sleep will help. But just as she lay down, she discovered. Shots, then finished her virtual life.

It’s a random scene from the just released Fallout 76, a so-called Survival game, in which there is only in a hostile world to survive. The Fallout series, alongside previously for role-playing games with an open game world that were able to explore the Gamer, free, the current part to a new Trend: survival play. The only aim of these worlds is to be at the end still alive. No opulent stories, no winding stories. What makes these simple games so popular? Why do many Gamers and gamers in video games just simply survive?

In a Survival game may be the Survival as the only goal-setter. However, this Survival can look incredibly elaborate. The diet with a view to search, eat, prepare, store. For a Drink. The physical condition of observe. At the same time in the game to explore, and players will gather the worlds of the respective Videogames, raw materials, weapons for defence, homes, and more. Because of this it needs – as different as the worlds of Survival games may be, they all have one thing in common: they are hostile environments.

confrontation with the transience

In Fallout 76, the player can explore around a world after the nuclear war. Mutant beings, burned Former-people are looking for the next Person that you can draw in the Contamination. The players want to drink something, you need to not only find water, but also cooking and the Filter clean. If you do not, that will weaken the radiation. 7 Days to die offers a zombie-infested environment. In Ark: Survival Evolved dinosaurs populate the world, while Conan Exiles, the barbarian Lord.

Sabrina is the Person that was caught at the beginning of the article, to Wagner’s ride of the Valkyries in the bed. In real life, the 27-Year-old retail works. You like Survival games, because you could lose himself in these. The need to master complex tasks, don’t be one of the many irritations, and there are plenty of sources of Stress of everyday life is suspended. “Just because it’s in the Survival game, to Survive, it is so pleasant under the complex,” she says.

The Survival games will let you do what you want.

Jenny, 33, Gamer

Because there is no proper narrative, there are no correct requirements. The video Gamer Jenny, who has spent according to its own figures, more than 1,000 hours with Survival Games, appreciates exactly. “The Survival games will let you do what you want,” says the 33-Year-old, who works for Caritas, and the mother of three children. It start with a empty world where you have nothing, you will be confronted with the own mortality. And this is omnipresent. A base of a falls, for example, you’ve built a lot of hours – because she was not well designed. “Then the Trouble is of course the first time,” says Jenny. Often laugh then, but be quick about it.

most like you plays 7 Days to die, along with her Partner Tom, mostly in the evening or on the weekend. Then they sit together in the living room, two Laptops, and discuss how you want to survive. Your tasks are divided: While Tom was for the construction of the house in charge, you’ll go on exploring.

Survival games are often based in a large, open game world. This means that the Gamer can draw your character at any time in any part of the map. These worlds exist only online. Whether on console or PC, developers you provide on servers that are interested, you can reach through an Internet connection. Strip the player through these open worlds, you can meet two types of enemies: from the Computer-controlled creatures or other players. As in our world, the real danger are other people. Because they are unpredictable.

“Usually the other players will attack as soon as you see one,” says the media designer Luke. No communication, no common Explore – the only question is who hits first. The 33-Year-old gambles on the favorite, the game DayZ, which was released in 2013 and is a pioneer in the Survival games. He has discovered that the Survival games are just the beginning of fun, just as long as you build something. This Phase was completed, not wool, that of the character killed, the gamers. Even in the video game, the fear of losing something in the time and energy invested. Maybe Luke refers to this reason, in-game updates as the “best moments” in the worlds, Then the inventory of the player will reset. “This, then, is this magical half-hour in the all of them are friendly to each other,” says Luke. Because in this short period of time every player without a weapon is defenseless.