In the technical race with countries such as China, the USA or Japan to develop in Europe, eight centers for supercomputers.

According to the EU Commission to drive the first data center already in the second half of the year 2020 and by a high-speed network be connected to each other, as the EU informed the Commission.

The new Supercomputer would be able to process in real time huge amounts of data. A total of 840 million euros will be invested. Locations of the data centers are supposed to be the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, Maribor, Slovenia, Ostrava in the Czech Republic, Barcelona in Spain, the Minho in Portugal, bite in Luxembourg, Kajaani, in Finland, as well as the Italian University town of Bologna. From there, the centers, over 800 scientific and industrial application areas with computation power.

Behind the project is a joint undertaking of the EU Commission, the 28 European countries, as well as interest associations, has set itself the goal of an infrastructure for high-performance computing in Europe is. You have selected the locations also.

“These locations will provide our researchers with access to super computers of the world ranking, which represent a strategic resource for the future of the European industry,” said the for the digital single market Commissioner Andrus Ansip. The EU promises to, among other things, benefits in the health sector, in weather forecast and climate research, as well as in cyber security.

Currently, European researchers, according to the EU Commission on computing power from abroad instructed. By the construction of super computers, scientists could be working in the technical race independent.