Because of a product name has become a Brandenburg company 10,000 kilometers away in Indonesia to the Internet hype. In the Southeast Asian country people about the Software-consulting company Kantiko, which has its headquarters in Kleinmachnow, near Berlin, have fun. The reason: The company distributes a Software called Kontool – in the Indonesian slang for Penis.

Since the has spoken in the island nation with more than 260 million people around there are on the Facebook page of Kontool a bunch of humorous comments. A man recommends: “your company should come to Indonesia. Kontool is very popular here. I think most people would love your product.”

company takes the Hype with a sense of Humor

Stefan Jürgens of Kantiko said on Monday it was four, five years, we have developed the Tool, on the meaning of the Name encountered. Since Indonesia as a market for the company is not interesting, do not have you dealt with it. The Hype the company takes with Humor. He, ‘ve noticed as the click numbers for the “Kontool”-Facebook Account on Friday had increased and mass calls from Indonesia came.

For the Indonesians, the company has published on Facebook a comment in English: “If we come up with our product on your market, we need to find a new name. But we must first conquer the German market.” In addition, the company posted a new Slogan – “Bigger and Stronger” (in English: bigger and stronger) – and a Link to a merchandise store with T-Shirts and more. “A lot of people asked for Merchandise, Kontool.” Therefore, the overnight Internet-Shop had been established.

Guys from kontool are celebrating the viral wave during a fantastic weekend. Thanks for all the comments!👍 We love you!😍😍👍😀🤩🥳

Posted by kontool on Sunday, may 1. September 2019

On Sunday, the company posted: “The Kontool boys celebrate the viral wave of a fantastic weekend. Thanks for all the comments! We love you!” Kontool, according to the company, a portmanteau of “account” and “Tool”. The Software is a Controlling solution for small businesses.

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