Admittedly, The Hype surrounding Augmented Reality game Pokémon Go is now subsided longer. It had been brought about by people especially after its release in July of 2016, over a number of months in his spell, in the case of today, much less completely in your Smartphone’s in-depth Pokémon-Go players on the road.

you Give to a study by the Purdue University of West Lafayette in the US state of Indiana Believe, is likely to contribute to the decay of this Boom Phase much, less accidents and damage happen to the absolute peak phase of the game.

After the Release of Pokémon Go, the accident numbers rose

In under the name of “Death by Pokémon Go” (“death by Pokémon Go”), published work attempted to quantify the scientist, for what damages the game in the U.S. state of Indiana is responsible. For their study, they looked at incidents in the road transport of the Region, Tippecanoe County, where about 170,000 people live.

The result: In the studied area had come in the first 148 days after the Release of the game to a disproportionate increase of road traffic accidents, according to the researchers. 286 accidents were recorded. 134 of them were happening in the vicinity of so-called Pokéstops, those places where the User in-game items such as poké balls, eggs or potions can capture and according to the researchers, as a pedestrian, or even behind the wheel greatly distracted. With follow, according to the researchers, the result of 31 injured, two fatalities as well as damage in the range between 5.2 million and 25.5 million dollars, more or less directly to the Pokémon Go. These findings are, however, based on assumptions. Direct evidence that in the individual cases, in fact, was played, not the authors of the study.

grossed a billion in damages

results extrapolated to the entire United States, the following Figures are obtained thus: In the first 148 days after the release in North America, the game caused damage in the amount of two up to 7,3 billion dollars. In Parallel there had been, up to 30,000 accidents in which 256 people were living.