Study: how the Russians choose a new TV

Experts have found out, what criteria guided the Russians when choosing and buying a new TV. As it turned out, a key role in the decision is played by the diagonal of the screen. Users who want to buy the standard model, more start rates, and those who are watching expensive TV, pay more attention to resolution, technology and ‘smart’ functions.

To such conclusion analytical company Human Nature, which conducted a research in order to Samsung in August-December 2019. It involved focus groups of about 80 people, and in the online interview were interviewed men and women aged 18 to 60 years throughout Russia, who bought a TV in the last 6 months.

As a rule, Russians change TV every five years – most often due to breakage or obsolescence of the existing (37%), desire to obtain a large diagonal (28%) or the need to buy another (31%), said Вестям.Ru Samsung. For those who are planning the purchase of an expensive model (from 90 thousand rubles), more significant factors are the need for a larger screen (40%) and the desire to reward yourself (30%).

On the selection and purchase of a new model on average takes two weeks. At the stage of choosing the Russians almost always appeal to online sources (91%), but the majority (59%) prefers to buy a television in offline stores. Especially in the premium segment, because people want to see the product physically. In addition to technology screen and smart features for buyers of the expensive TV is also an important design, frame thickness, case material, and how it fit into the interior.

the Brand is in the process of selection of the TV is not important – it only pays attention to every third customer. Analysts also noted the difference of approach men and women when choosing a TV. “Women are more likely to pay attention to cost, availability of discounts, while for men is more important than the screen resolution and the presence of smart features,” the study says.

Text: News.Hi-tech