Study: Autonomous cars are powerless against the most common accidents

self-driving cars can’t prevent the most common types of road accidents. Not from the imperfection of technologies, and the unpredictable errors caused by human factor.

this writes the Business Insider, citing a study by the Insurance Institute for highway safety USA (IIHS). They came to the conclusion that even if all the cars were “smart” and could drive without any driver intervention, two-thirds of the most common accidents would still happen.

According to the IIHS, the man behind the wheel can be distracted, too late to recognize the potential danger due to limited visibility and the speed of its responses can be affected by alcohol, drugs or sharp deterioration of state of health. Fully Autonomous “car of the future” this is not the case that in theory makes them more secure. However, for incidents that occur for the above reasons, account for only a third of the most frequent accidents.

Before the two thirds of other accidents, said the researchers, vehicles-drones are powerless. To those in the IIHS attributed the inability to predict certain situations (for example, the decision to gain speed and overtake a cyclist), and errors associated with managing (“inappropriate or incorrect evasive action, oversteer”).

as an example, the researchers cited high-profile accidents involving Uber robomobile that occurred in the spring of 2018. A resident of Arizona – 49-year-old Elaine Hertzberg – Laden packages to the bike crossed the carriageway in the dark and away from the transition. Hertzberg abruptly jumped in front of a self-driving car, but the automatics do not have time for her to react. The victim was taken to hospital where she died from her injuries.

IIHS said the drone did not foresee this situation and “failed to perform the proper evasive maneuver to avoid a strike.”

Text: News.Hi-tech