The husband of a candidate invested by LR for the legislative elections in Strasbourg was violently attacked Thursday evening while he stuck posters in a sensitive district of the city classified Republican reconquest, we learned Friday from the candidate.

A complaint has been lodged with the national police and an investigation is underway, sources familiar with the matter said.

“Around 8 p.m. on Thursday evening, my husband was in the process of sticking a poster on the official signs when two young people on scooters circled around him and then took the poster off,” Ms Rozenhaft told AFP.

Liron Rozenhaft then moved away to stick a new poster on another panel, before being followed by the two young men, quickly joined by a dozen individuals.

This 41-year-old man then tried to explain to them that it was “democracy” and that he was putting up these posters for his wife.

“Then they punched him, called him a fat pile and a dirty Jew. hospital and suffers from a “cerebral effusion”.

A young LR activist who accompanied Mr. Rozenhaft watched the scene from behind without being able to intervene.

On Friday, the candidate shared photos of her husband’s swollen face on her Facebook account and posted a video of her in front of the Strasbourg court where she recounts the attack and believes that “the laxity of the authorities is responsible for an explosion crime and violence”.

“I campaigned on the Hautepierre markets, I was never badly received, even if I know that it has deteriorated a lot,” she added.

Among the indignant reactions of the local political class, the mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian (EELV), considered that “no violence is acceptable. This one is particularly shocking since it aims to hinder democratic debate”.

She assured in a press release the Rozenhaft couple of her “solidarity”, wishing that the investigation be successful “as soon as possible”.

The 1st constituency of Bas-Rhin, which covers the city center of Strasbourg and several outlying districts, is the most contested in the department, with 17 candidates, including the national number 2 of the Greens Sandra Regol (Nupes) and the former candidate for the town hall, Alain Fontanel (Renaissance).

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