Still Wakes the Deep is a new horror game that takes players on a chilling journey through a Scottish oil rig. Developed by The Chinese Room, known for their award-winning titles, the game follows the story of Cameron “Caz” McLeary, an engineer facing domestic troubles that escalate when a malfunction on the rig leads to a sinister turn of events.

One of the standout features of Still Wakes the Deep is its immersive setting, brought to life by a talented Scottish voice cast. While the thick accents and regional slang may be challenging for some players to understand, it adds to the authenticity of the experience. The layout of the oil platform is also intriguing, with changing environments that reflect the unfolding events of the game.

Players will encounter context-sensitive interactions and platforming sections as they navigate through the rig, adding variety to the gameplay. However, the lack of combat or weapons means that survival relies on stealth and evasion rather than confrontation. While the eldritch creatures in the game may look terrifying, their limited AI detracts from the overall horror experience.

Despite its atmospheric setting and body horror elements, Still Wakes the Deep falls short in delivering truly suspenseful encounters with its monsters. The game is relatively short and linear, lacking collectibles or secrets to enhance replay value. While it excels in building tension and atmosphere, it misses the mark in creating memorable and challenging gameplay moments.

In conclusion, Still Wakes the Deep offers a haunting dive into the depths of horror, but struggles to deliver on its promising premise. Players looking for a unique and atmospheric experience may find enjoyment in exploring the eerie oil rig setting and encountering its grotesque inhabitants. However, those seeking intense survival horror gameplay may be left wanting more from this otherwise immersive title.