Update from the 23. November 2018: There’s someone come to the taste of bare skin. For a long time, Stefanie Giesinger was denied too deep looks, Topless photos of the graceful GNTM-winner of the long lack of goods goods.

The more the Model serves now his Fans – and, of course, completely out of the house. In a touch of Nothing, the 22-Year-old seductive looks to the camera. But the eyes wander almost inevitably to the bottom. Only with your right Hand, face-down, poor her chest.

their Fans to come up a sweat: “Wow, how sexy and sensual”, is a comment. Another writes: “Nice view, nice picture”. Some comes with so many free movement to lustful thoughts: “Hands off.” (English: “hands off.”)

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Stefanie Giesinger from GNTM Topless in Instagram

Update 22. October 2018: Hardly another photo of Stefanie Giesinger has ever harvested so many flame Emojis, like this picture, the posted the 22-Year-old on Sunday on Instagram. A little surprising, so hot, how the Model presents it. She is wearing only a tight Short – a kind of Cycling shorts, on top is uncovered Stefanie Giesinger completely.

With sensual face expression looks the winner of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” in the camera. The views of her cleavage is only obscured by your arms. The Fans are unanimous: “Hot and gorgeous”, “bomb”, “your best picture” or “breathtaking”, is to be read in the comments.

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Only a User is not Years by the Look of the 22-so enthusiastic and writes: “No Power in the bike shorts”.

GNTM winner Stefanie Giesinger posts Bikini photo and their Fans zoffen

Munich – Narrow shoulders, long legs and a super flat stomach – Stefanie Giesinger everything a woman in the modeling Business needs: a great figure and a pretty face.

With their attributes, she convinced Heidi Klum at “Germany’s Next top model”, and prevailed against their rivals in 2014. Stefanie Giesinger has made a career. On Instagram, the 22-Year-old is, with 3.4 million Followers a real Star. A current photo on your Insta-profile hits for their Fans powerful. In addition to thousands of Likes for this Post 612 comments. This Stefanie Giesinger harvests in addition to a lot of praise, even criticism.

Stefanie Giesinger Has a Problem?

During some of the more worried words, such as “phew.. mega drought. With a little more to it, I found it personally nice..” or “you’ve taken… try again” can be found to be increasing, others shocked.

“thin”, “anorexia” and “like a stick” is to be read in the comments. A Userin even warns: “girl, take not a role model. That is underweight, not healthy and not beautiful.“ Some Fans are outraged about this nasty rates and to defend your Idol Stefanie Giesinger with fire and flame.

“Your body is wonderful the way he is. These haters are just jealous of such a beautiful Body! Don’t let those down. I always stand behind you,“ writes a Userin.

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Stefanie Giesinger should have the discussion of your body weight used to be. No Bikini-photo without criticism of her weight or body. The 22-Year-old is silent on the speculation. However, she has a new Instagram photo gepost. Here, Giesinger cooling looks over her shoulder at the camera. She is wearing a funky glitter Jumpsuit and fits perfectly to your feminine curves.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

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everything is really: Stefanie Giesinger is shown in skin-tight bathing suit

OP-scar on Giesingers belly

Stefanie Giesinger shows but also open, that your body is anything other than perfect. After a SURGERY, the Model posts a photo of their nearly ten-centimeter-long scar on your belly. The 21-Year-old’s locker with their illness. She suffers from what is called the Kartagener syndrome, the organs page are wrong in the body.

Giesinger robs Fans with Po-Blitzer-the-mind – Meyer-Landrut commented him curiously

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