Startup creates fallacy with imitation sunlight

the Business incubator of Samsung’s C-Labs have supported the developers of fallacy SunnyFive that can simulate natural sunlight. According to the principle of the device is similar to svetodinamichesky lamps: it displays the full spectrum of natural light and can be programmed to simulate the lighting effects of this window.

“Lamp-antidepressant” is able to mimic the time of day, gradually changing the angle of the incident light. So users might give the impression of a sunset, sunrise or nightfall. The accompanying mobile app, you can adjust the color temperature and brightness, and use SunnyFive as an alarm clock, allowing activation of the effect of the sun in the morning at Wake-up time.

Artificial window “helps users create vitamin D when they are indoors or in poorly-lit areas without worrying about aging or sunburn,” said Samsung. The company expects to integrate it into their own ecosystem of devices “smart home” SmartThings.

the Idea of pseudoana and smart lamp can be attractive to people who, because of the pandemic coronavirus infection have most of the time to be in a state of isolation. SunnyFive will interest those who live in a poorly-lit apartment, or long stays indoors.

As noted by The Verge, while the project very little is known. In particular, the price and timing of release SunnyFive no. However, financial support is Samsung means that the idea of fallacy with simulated sunlight very soon can be embodied in the form of a commercial product.

Text: To.Hi-tech