Remember that intriguing Star Trek-style quest in Starfield where you had to assist lost colonists in finding a new home, but the game had a controversial ending involving the killing of children? Well, it seems like the game was more linear than expected. But, there’s some good news – a modder named cognimancer has created a mod on the Creations’ suite that changes the outcome of the quest.

Starfield has many quests that could use some improvement, but the “First Contact” quest delves into some interesting speculative themes in this fictional universe. Who has the right to claim newly discovered worlds in deep space? How does technological progress impact and disadvantage certain groups of people? And why are the only options in the game to send lost individuals away, force them into servitude, or kill them? Thankfully, with this new mod, there’s an alternative outcome to explore.

To access the alternate quest ending, look for the “Eat The Rich” mod in the Creations suite. This mod alters the status of the corporate board members of Paradiso from essential to non-essential, allowing you to eliminate them during a pivotal meeting. This is a more straightforward approach compared to other quest-altering mods available, making it a valuable addition to your mod load order.

If you’re familiar with the original outcome of the Paradiso quest and are tempted to take matters into your own hands, be aware that your companions may not approve of your actions. To avoid conflict with your companions, it’s recommended to progress through the quest normally and then select the appropriate dialogue option when the time comes. Keep in mind that returning to Paradiso after altering the quest may result in hostile encounters with the security forces.

As one of the first alternate quest outcome mods in the Creations suite, the Paradiso quest modification sets a promising precedent for future tweaks and enhancements. With the goal of transforming Starfield into a more immersive experience, let’s hope that more modifications like this will be developed in the future. This mod opens up new possibilities for players to shape the game world according to their preferences, offering a fresh and dynamic gaming experience for all fans of Starfield.