Starfield, the highly-anticipated game from Bethesda, has once again found itself at the center of controversy. This time, the issue is not about the game’s initial lackluster content upon its release last year, but rather the introduction of the Creations mod hub. This hub offers both free and paid mods created by Bethesda and the community, sparking outrage among some players who have resorted to review bombing the game on Steam.

Upon its release on September 4, 2023, Starfield received mixed reviews. While the game’s ambitious scope and innovative ideas were praised by some, it failed to win over the entire gaming community. Following its launch, players on Steam resorted to review bombing due to the game’s perceived lack of content. Bethesda has promised ongoing support and updates for the game, with the recent addition of the mod hub on June 9, 2024.

The mod hub has been a welcome addition to Starfield, providing players with access to a variety of official and community-created mods. However, the introduction of paid mods has sparked backlash among fans, leading to a second wave of review bombing on Steam. Some players have expressed frustration over the high cost of certain mods, questioning their value and necessity in enhancing the gameplay experience.

While there are free mods available that add depth and creativity to the game, the inclusion of paid mods has reignited the debate surrounding the monetization of player-created content. As a result, Starfield’s recent review status on Steam has plummeted to “Mostly Negative,” with players criticizing the game for its perceived cash-grab tactics and lack of substantial content.

Despite the challenges it faces, Starfield has received updates and improvements, including the expansive Creation suite mod hub. This hub has the potential to transform the game and provide players with endless customization options. However, the game continues to face intense scrutiny and criticism from fans, highlighting the ongoing struggle to win over its player base.

In an era where game comebacks are not uncommon, Starfield’s journey to redemption mirrors that of titles like No Man’s Sky and Cyberpunk 2077. These games have managed to overcome their rocky starts through continuous updates and player feedback. While Starfield has made strides in the right direction, it remains to be seen whether it can address the concerns raised by its player community and emerge as a successful and beloved title in the long run.