Venturing into the vast universe of Starfield, I came across a new opportunity to become a bounty hunter and earn some credits in exchange for taking on perilous quests. However, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment as I realized that the game was not living up to its hype, especially with the addition of a paid DLC quest that costs seven dollars.

Despite some promising updates and the introduction of user-made mods, the decision to include a paid DLC quest has sparked controversy among players. The quest, titled “The Vulture,” offers story content and voice acting for a price of seven dollars, in addition to requiring players to spend ten dollars on in-game currency before purchasing it. This pricing model has received criticism, prompting the developer, Bethesda, to reassess their approach to pricing and content in future updates.

The quest itself revolves around the Trackers’ Alliance, a group of bounty hunters offering work to players. While the free quest provided by the alliance, “The Starjacker,” offers some interesting gameplay elements, the paid quest, “The Vulture,” falls short in providing a fulfilling experience. The quest involves hunting down a renegade war vet across two locations, but ultimately boils down to repetitive combat sequences without much depth or challenge.

Moreover, the lackluster reactions of NPCs in the game further highlight the rigid and clunky nature of Starfield. Despite attempts to inject personality and urgency into the quest, the game fails to create a truly immersive and engaging experience for players. Issues with NPC interactions, lack of meaningful responses to player actions, and a general lack of depth in the game’s environment contribute to a sense of lifelessness and detachment from the game world.

In conclusion, while “The Vulture” quest may offer some fleeting moments of excitement, it ultimately fails to deliver a compelling gameplay experience worth the price tag. As Starfield continues to face criticism and backlash from players, it is clear that the game needs to address fundamental issues with its gameplay mechanics, world-building, and overall player engagement to truly evolve into a memorable and immersive space exploration experience.