About 2,000 satellites orbiting the earth. Peaceful intentions, many have already for a long time. On the moon, the civil support, but also military communication satellites are used to research and spy on military opponents. They identify objects for military strikes and your GPS signals will help not only travellers, but also missiles to destroy your target.

read: China’s new Laser-satellite to the “death star” for the U-boats of the United States

the satellite were to be for a long time. Neither anti-air defense missiles interceptors were allowed to enter in their height. But those days are over. Defense systems like the Russian S-500 Prometheus, hypersonic gliders, and strong Laser can take a satellite into the visor. In March, India also tested its own Anti-satellite missile. Without armor or weapons satellites are easy targets.

the Laser, machine guns, and Nano-killer satellite

to change. The President of France, Macron is pushing the issue of space weapons advanced. Powerful Laser be a part of its space strategy. The laser weapons are supposed to be – of course – purely defensive, said Florence Parly, the Minister of defence of France, on the airbase Lyon Mont Verdun 942 to the tips of the military.

military technology, China’s new Laser satellite is supposed to be the “death star” for the U-boats of the United States Of Gernot Kramper

the plans of France for a world space force, which was previously announced by President Emmanuel explained. “Today’s military, our allies and our opponents quantize the space,” said Parly. “The time frame for the testing is getting shorter and shorter, we need to act now. Yes, we are going to develop a powerful Laser. This is a domain in which France is behind is advised.”

In fact, despite the full-bodied statement of intent to other countries in terms of Laser and hypersonic weapons are far ahead. The USA, China and Russia have each several systems of the testing, some are even already in use. The French program should be 2030 fully operational. An additional Budget of € 4.3 billion is provided for this purpose.

Open stationing of weapons in outer space

A note of the Parly, however, sit up and take notice. “If our satellites are threatened, we plan to dazzle our opponents. We reserve the right and the means to respond. This may include the use of powerful lasers that of our satellite, or by patrolling nano-satellites will be used.”

The French army wants to provide to satellites with military payload. First of all, special cameras to detect possible attackers. Later, the satellite will be equipped with weapons. Were also addressed machine guns, which can destroy the solar modules of the aggressor.

These plans mean nothing else than that France wants to place weapons in space station. Existing systems can work in the space inside, but they are stationed on the ground. Guns staring the satellite would be, however, a dam break and a clear violation of the international outer space Treaty of 1967 that prohibits the militarization of outer space and celestial bodies.

Earlier the Status of the plans

experts anyway assume, that there will be a militarization of space. How realistic are the French plans are, is to judge this time. Mockingly, one might say, the announcements sound like a response to the space conflicts from the old “James Bond”-films in which “evil” satellite smaller sky press companion or even incorporate. A kill by an Anti-satellite missile, or a powerful ground-based Laser can thus hardly be avoided.

source: Le Point

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