It is a U-boat of superlatives. The “Belgorod” has a larger displacement than a battleship of the First world war, and it measures 184 meters in length However, the “Belgorod” project-09852 – is not just larger than other U-boats. It was designed as a U-boat for special use. Now the West, and the purposes for which the submarine is puzzled could be used giant. One possibility is that this U-boat and five or six of the novel the Poseidon is to transport torpedoes.

remainder of the USSR

The history of the “Belgorod” is more likely to call unhappy. Originally, it as a U-boat, the Oscar II class, built in Moscow in 1994, the money went and the unfinished case was lost in the twilight. Until it was decided to rebuild the fuselage, and a special U-boat. For this purpose, the hull was extended by 30 metres to 184 metres. The displacement of the ship is now 30,000 tons under the water. The speed is 33 knots. Is powered the boat by two OK-650 V reactor with a capacity of 100,000 HP.

upgrading Tu-22M3M – this old Bomber will be attacked by Putin, the US carriers destroy By Gernot Kramper

The “Belgorod” will probably not be used as a attack U-boat, the other U-boats or surface ships. And it is also not intended to carry strategic nuclear missiles. It is believed that the Department has been removed with the rockets starters out of the fuselage. The Belgorod region is, above all, a mother ship that payloads such as Small-U-can transport boats.

Marine armor: sea power – the most important war ships in the world Fullscreen

A control room, such as the Enterprise, only a 50-man crew and a historic name: the Dreadnought 2050 to cope with the Royal Navy of the future. In the flight deck, the drones are housed.


– Better than the Enterprise – British the battleship of the future


The author H I Sutton plan in the network the most information to U-boats. He assumes that “Belgorod” will be part of the Navy, but by a secret Department for research in the Deep sea, the GUGI and operated. The Belgorod would serve, among other things, to test new technologies in U-boat construction.

the mother ship for espionage missions At military parade “Nanchang 101”: China’s new destroyer before

but Above all, the “Belgorod” Mini-U-boats of Losharik-class to their operations. This can work with your robot arms in extreme depth. With you own buoys are suspended in the depth of the monitor the vessel traffic. Conversely, the corresponding installations of the United States could track down.

Currently, the major powers are working on underwater drones, and Autonomous underwater weapons. Also, for the stationing of such systems, the “Belgorod”, because you can, unlike a surface vessel to perform their missions in Secret.

Doomsday gun

of Particular concern is that the mother ship “Belgorod” can also accommodate the new type of torpedo weapon of the type Poseidon. After Putin has mentioned the Torpedo in the TV, will be launched from the Kremlin to on a regular basis of the progress in the construction of this weapon.

China’s upgrading to a silent Killer-U-boat Trumps the aircraft off the carrier By Gernot Kramper

The Poseidon Torpedo is a classic end of the world weapon. Each Torpedo is supposed to carry a thermo-nuclear warhead of two mega tonnes. With an underwater explosion such a weapon could destroy an entire carrier group in the United States with a single blow. The darkest application, however, would be directed against the civilian population. An Explosion in the sea off the East coast of the US would trigger a Mega-Tsunami, the wall of water would roll over the entire coastal region.

progress in the under water drive’s Laser, China’s giant laser to vaporize the satellites of scrap and the US are upgraded to be alerted

Beijing spring cleaning in space. A study of the air force introduces a Laser that could vaporize from the ground and from space debris. The United States are alarmed that a clean man could also fight against the US-satellite.

Gernot Kramper

Regardless of these apocalyptic visions for the drive technology of the Poseidon is threat enough. The Torpedo is about 20 meters long, and measures about two meters in diameter. He should be able to dive to over 1000 meters, and during his direction of travel and depth of change. Its range is supposed to be a atomic drive is practically unlimited. But above all, the speed of the weapon should be under water about 110 knots, that would allow 200 km/h. in Order to, you need to have solved, the Russians, the problems of the super-cavitation for the comparatively large body of Poseidon. Super cavitation means that the Torpedo of a protective air sheath is surrounded, so the friction decreases between him and the surrounding water dramatically. This would be an important step to be able to U-boats in this direction build, whose speed boats all known underground and surface ships would be far superior. The Power of the will, would dominate the undersea world.

source: HI Sutton, Navy Recognition

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