It was much to easy: Without invitation or occasion, the Chinese citizen, Yujing Zhang, Donald trump vacation resort, Mar-a-Lago marched. In the Luggage: Two passports, four Smartphones, a Laptop and a USB Stick with spy Software. The case shows not only a Problem with the lax security measures in the “Winter White House”. He also leads the gigantic security dilemma of Donald Trumps life-style.

The power of the Secret Service work hard. Unlike its predecessor, Trump works is not preferred in well-controlled, and the Public shielded environments, such as the White house or the presidential residence Camp David. Instead, it always draws him back in his own real estate, such as his Golf Club in New Jersey, or in the vacation resort, Mar-a-Lago. More than 100 days of his two-year tenure, he should have spent in the two systems.

Mar-a-Lago Chinese with malicious software gained access to trump’s luxury resort hotel management instead of Secret Service

For the safety authorities is a huge challenge. For one, civilians are constantly in the environment of the President, can not be from the Secret Service checked, and on the other IT systems of commercial companies is not in the same mass backing – because these Yes, the operator is responsible. “It is the dream of every attacker and a nightmare in terms of physical security,” said an expert of the magazine “Wired”.

“The Secret Service does not decide who is invited to Mar-a-Lago or welcome,” confirmed the security service of the President, in a Statement to the incident at the weekend. In addition, the hotel’s management decisions. So Zhang got into the system. After a first Pass scrutiny by the Secret Service, the uninvited guest was asked to the front Desk. The receptionist was enough, apparently, to be a guest with the same surname, Zhang. She was asked if she was his daughter and then was allowed to continue – without, that Zhang would have confirmed. A visitor in the White house would not have got through safe.

it security nightmare

Even if Zhang was according to the Secret Service never in the vicinity of the President: From security point of view, is the incident a disaster. Unthinkable, if it is the potential spy would be able to get the malware in the internal network of the Department. In the past, experts had criticised the lax security measures in the Mar-a-Lago and other Trump Hotels, after you had succesfully hacked into the networks.

On IT security seems to be the Twitter President to lay anyway of little value. So he used a long time a completely insecure Ancient Smartphone, in addition, the caller clueless to other heads of state. Today he uses according to Reports, a own iPhone only for Twitter, on security advice, he continues. Predecessor, Barack Obama had to give up, instead, his beloved BlackBerry because of the large Hack-danger.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Why Donald trump’s Old Smartphone for the US to risk will be made Of painted Mans

Zhang is silent so far about their intentions. The incident raises, however, “serious concerns about the safety defects in Mar-a-Lago”, declared the democratic MP, in a letter to the FBI. Thus, there are already reports of attacks by foreign intelligence services on these gaps. Other experts see the danger, not with Zhang’s arrest, banned. “You could have a pre-existing bug, or a similar monitoring device to pick up. The possibilities are endless,” said the former NSA Analyst Dave Chub compared to “Wired”.

the complexity of the technical solutions, however, would not necessarily necessary to come to Mar-a-Lago to secret Material. Already several times it was reported that Trump led an important diplomatic negotiations – while he was sitting well audible with his guests at the public dinner of the resort.

sources: Washington Post, Wired, Washington Times