Ubisoft has caused a stir among gaming enthusiasts by removing the popular action-adventure game Beyond Good and Evil from various digital stores. This move has sparked rumors that the long-awaited remaster of the game might finally be on the horizon.

The remaster, titled Beyond Good and Evil’s 20th Anniversary Edition, was officially announced last November after a technical mishap allowed some Ubisoft+ subscribers to access an early version of the game. Originally slated for an “early 2024” release, Ubisoft has confirmed that more information regarding the remaster will be shared during the upcoming Limited Run Games Showcase.

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the current version of Beyond Good and Evil is being delisted from digital stores, particularly on Steam where the game’s store page now displays a message indicating its removal. Additionally, the 2011 console remaster, Beyond Good and Evil HD, has also been taken down from sale on Xbox platforms. These actions have led many to believe that the remaster could be launching sooner than expected.

While the fate of Beyond Good and Evil 2, the sequel announced 16 years ago, remains uncertain, fans are hopeful that the impending release of the remaster might reignite interest in the series. Ubisoft has promised to reveal more details about Beyond Good and Evil’s 20th Anniversary Edition during the Limited Run Games Showcase scheduled for tomorrow.

As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the official announcement, it’s important to keep expectations realistic given the history of delays associated with the franchise. Nevertheless, the potential release of the remaster is a promising development for fans who have been patiently waiting to revisit the iconic world of Beyond Good and Evil. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting news.