Aspiring authors, it is often not easy to find buyers for their stories. Even if the idea is there, if the book is already written – then the real work often begins in the first place. A book needs readers, in the best case, should be earned so little money, and both publishers are responsible.

How difficult it is to bring his work to the right publisher, to know Reddit User “DoopleWrites”. And not only that: Right hard it is but, if then the technology against the writers has conspired. On the platform told “DoopleWrites” in a Thread of its tragic story of how the spam filter of his E-Mail provider sabotaged his literary career.

spam filter important Mail to the author

Doople reported that he had contacted a year ago with a book manuscript to various publishers for publication. From a publisher, got a rejection. Otherwise, there was no Feedback – at least it seemed. As a Doople now but the other day rather randomly, once in the spam folder of his Mail mailbox looked, he had a Surprise: There is only a one year old message of a publisher was not, in fact, in this Mail, the publishing house has also indicated interest in Dooples manuscript.

it’s No wonder that the author annoyed grossly. About, but also about the apparently not quite correct functioning of the spam filter in his mailbox: “Thank you for providing that only the important things come through. I would not really want these evil publishers bother me with a reply to my E-Mail.” One and a half years, he was working on the book, told Doople the Portal “Bored Panda”: “a horror Thriller in which a graduate goes to College, takes a Job in a Ski Resort and then find out that the owners have sinister plans for their staff.”

Maybe there is history with some delay, to read yet – how’s it going with the book project, is open in the first place. Doople has responded to the Mail, the publisher has not reported back but even with him again. “If I’m lucky, I have to wait another three months for a response,” he says.

sources: Reddit / “Bored Panda”