I’ve always had a feeling that hanging out with Space Marines would be pretty cool, even under all that heavy armor. There’s just something about their genetically-modified, weaponized energy that I find intriguing. And now, with the new Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 gameplay overview trailer, it looks like we’ll get the chance to experience it firsthand. Finally, a game that lets us see how the Emperor’s mightiest warriors spend their time.

The trailer starts off by giving us a glimpse of the campaign mode, which follows protagonist Titus a century after the events of the first game. We see Titus and his fellow Space Marines battling through jungles and massive cities, taking on endless waves of Tyranids using Saber Interactive’s unique swarm technology. The gameplay transitions smoothly between melee combat and third-person shooting, promising an exciting experience for players.

But what really caught my attention is the Battle Barge, one of the Space Marines’ battleship fortresses. We’ll be able to return to the Battle Barge between missions to customize our gear, choose missions, and gather intel by chatting with other Marines. I’m genuinely looking forward to exploring a detailed Space Marine ship and maybe uncovering some juicy gossip about the Ultramarines.

The trailer also gives us a sneak peek at the Operations co-op mode and the competitive 6v6 matches of Eternal War. While we don’t get many details about gameplay, we learn about the progression system that rewards players with cosmetics, experience, and armory data for skill and gear upgrades. Each of the six playable Space Marine classes has its own skill tree, and it looks like weapon types will have perk trees as well. Players can unlock modified variants of weapons as they use them, such as a master-crafted auto bolt rifle with increased accuracy but reduced magazine capacity.

Customization options for your Space Marine look incredibly detailed, with a wide range of armor components to unlock and customize. You can choose an overall color scheme, as well as specific colors and heraldry for each armor component. The level of customization is sure to keep players busy for hours.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 is set to release on September 9, 2024. With all these exciting features and gameplay elements, it’s definitely a game to keep an eye on for fans of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and action-packed gameplay. Get ready to join the Space Marines in their battle against the Tyranids and experience the thrill of being one of the Emperor’s finest warriors.