Since this Sunday evening, Michelle * is in all its states. “I’m shocked,” fumes this retiree. And it is not the high temperatures of this spring that make her sweat profusely, but the results of the first round of legislative elections in her constituency. And there are real cold sweats! Imagine: La Baule, historic bastion of the right, could pass under the communist flag in less than a week! Despite the weather, the few inhabitants crossed on this sunny Monday in the clean streets of the city are shivering in advance. “How sad, I’m afraid!” trembles Huguette*. From there to packing? A priori no, but with a few years younger, sure that this octogenarian would think twice. “I’m not going to change places at my age, whatever will happen will happen,” she squeals.

Obviously, if we take the results commune by commune, the honor remains safe at the edge of the most beautiful bay in the world, since the parties traditionally in vogue here have resisted the assaults of the Nupes. The left-wing coalition thus finds itself 4th behind the trio Les Républicains, Ensemble and a Renaissance dissident, enough to comfort Franck Louvrier a little. “It’s a small glimmer of blue sky in a somewhat gray or red universe, consoles the mayor (LR) of La Baule, who does not think for a second to see a flag with sickle and hammer floating above his territory. That would unfortunately be historic, but tell yourself that if there is a fortified town in Guérande, there will also be a fortified town in La Baule, where the right will remain for a long time. I’ll make sure the Soviet tanks don’t get to La Baule beach! »

To see, because the Nupes landed in force here and on the whole of a department whose anchoring on the left had all the same fragmented during the last presidential election, as in Donges, where the RN had finished in the lead in both towers (this time, the Nupes is in front). From now on, the political map of the moment is completely homogeneous with the New Popular Union, which qualified for the second round in all the ten constituencies of Loire-Atlantique, with real chances of success in at least four of them. they.

Indeed, because in Pornichet, Pouliguen, Croisic or Guérande, which cannot really be described as Third World, the rise of Mrs Mahé there has been just as dazzling since 2017. A dynamic set to be confirmed next weekend ? Difficult to say because, facing her, Sandrine Josso (Modem-Ensemble) is only 1.78 points behind. Delay that the outgoing deputy is able to easily fill thanks to the transfer of votes from far-right parties (RN at 15.96%, Reconquête! at 5.16%, etc.) or from the more classic or republican right (dissident Rebirth at 9.96%, LR at 13.22%). And even if Franck Louvrier does not call to vote directly for the one who had largely beaten her in the 2017 legislative elections, Ms. Josso has a reservoir that is undoubtedly more abundantly filled than her rival. “For me, Ms. Mahé will score the same and she will therefore not finish first, prays this other voter from La Baule, disappointed with the 1st round. I’ve done the accounts, Madame Josso will come. »

A calculation that Véronique Mahé hastens to put into perspective. Certainly here the other left-wing or related parties have not really broken through (Various Ecologists at 3.35%, Lutte Ouvrière at 1.28%, etc.), but, as everywhere, since abstention has broken records, c It is from this pool that the candidate Nupes intends to draw from what to maintain her lead and make a difference. “We can continue to carry out the same campaign as in the first round by going to see those who did not move or those who went to a vote of despair, towards the far right for example, because they did not not find there. As for those who are afraid, I believe it is a right-wing reaction, but what are they afraid of? I have experience as an elected official, as a former municipal and now regional councilor. Do not be afraid of a communist candidate. “What Christophe, deep down, would not see with such a bad eye. “Given the profile of the population here, it’s true that I was surprised at the results, but it could be a kick in the anthill, it would change everything we’ve already had,” smiles the one of the rare inhabitants of Baulois who, therefore, does not tremble. Verdict on June 19.