South Korea’s armed forces have delivered according to the authorities fired warning shots against at least one Russian military aircraft have violated the airspace of the East Asian country. The Russian machine had penetrated on Tuesday morning (local time) in the air space of South Korea before the East coast close to the rocky island chain, the island, said a spokesman for the defense Ministry in Seoul. According to Reports by South Korean media, it was a Russian Bomber.

The South Korean air forces have started as a reaction to the incident of its own fighter jets, which would have fired the warning shots, the spokesman said. Further Details were initially unclear.

The military machine, which had violated the airspace, have previously crossed along with other Russian martial lugzeugen without prior notice, the so-called air space surveillance zone of South Korea, it said. Also Chinese military aircraft had penetrated into this Zone. Whether it was a common maneuver of the Russian and Chinese armed forces, was initially unclear.

South Korea had declared 2013 to expand its own “identification zone for air defense” (ADIZ) in the South. Background of the dispute over territorial claims in the East China sea was at that time. Since then there have been frequent violations of the Zone by the Russian and Chinese aircraft.

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