when is the Playstation 5? This is a question a Gamer for quite some time. In General, a console cycle lasts six to seven years, until the successor appears. The Playstation 4 came at the end of 2013. Accordingly, the next Generation would actually be due soon. The Playstation 4 was in “the last Phase of their life cycle,” said Playstation boss John Kodera in an Interview with the Wall Street Journal. Thus, he nurtured the hope of many Fans for a soon-to-be successor. However, Sony Fans will have to wait a bit: Kodera was now clear that only in three years, so in 2021, the Playstation 5 on the market will come.

“We will use the next three years, in order for us to prepare for the next step,” said the Manager in the Interview. The clarity of this statement, it should take much steam out of the rumor mill. With a similar time horizon Kodera was quoted previously. The Playstation 4 will have eight years on the hump in the console business is an eternity.

Playstation 4 sold well to Test a New Videogame Far Cry 5: clubbing and Hipster-extremism in Trumpistan By Malte Mansholt

However, the Playstation 4 and the Pro model will sell well. At the end of April, the group said that he expected this year with global sales of 16 million units. In the recently completed fiscal year, there were 19 million, a year earlier 20 million. The direct competitor published since 2015 no direct sales of the Xbox One numbers. According to estimates, the Xbox One was able to approach not to the sale of the Playstation 4 numbers, even if the current Xbox One X could last overtake, at least in the US, the PS4 Per.

On the video game trade show E3, which takes place in early June in Los Angeles, will introduce Sony’s highly likely no new Hardware. Instead, the Japanese are likely to continue to focus on exclusive game series, such as the second part of the Survival Games “The Last of Us”, “Death Stranding” or “Ghost of Tsushima”. The least Sony could have got several in-house developments The exclusive title “God of war 4” set a sales record, the Remake of “Shadow of The Colossus” excellent reviews.

Interview with Kazuo Hirai, The Sony boss has Faith, to the Smartphone

Sony lost the Walkman and the Playstation icons of art history on the market. Not a resounding Hit in the Japanese, however. Sony chief Kazuo Hirai spoke about the future of the company – and why it builds in spite of puny market share of Smartphones.

By Christoph Fröhlich cf