Sonos, which is easy to be connected to speakers throughout the house for a rich sound. Now, the group provides for the first time, a Bluetooth Box for on the road – though this was excluded earlier. We have spoken with the product Manager All Mask it.

The new Sonos Move is remarkable in several respects. Because it can be integrated as the first speaker, both via Wi-Fi into a Multiroom System, as well as on the go as Bluetooth Box use. On the other, because Sonos loss yet not long ago, just such a device and still exclusive. “We want to give our users the choice of how and where you want to listen to your music,” explains Mask the change in thinking.

Between 45 and 130 euros the Best Sound in the sun: These Bluetooth boxes Stiftung Warentest By Malte recommends Mansholt Late on the market

The step comes too late: The market for Bluetooth boxes to explode for years. Even in the face of his already long product cycle Sonos is late. Mask can’t see that as a Problem. “For us, it is not about to come quickly in a market. We have long tried the experiment and how you can build a real Sonos speakers, the on-the-go use. With the Move we say: So we are able to offer.”

in fact, Sonos had to do a lot of things differently. The speaker systems connect usually via Wireless LAN, the Move can be controlled, however, for the first time via Bluetooth. Because the loudspeaker can be switched with its battery and the carry handle in the back again and again, had to Sonos revise in addition, the sound adjustment to the room.

model of Apple

Instead of having to measure the room sound using a Smartphone manually, it accepts the Move with Implement new. He noticed, when he is raised, and measures every Time you Leave the room. To do this, it measures like Apple’s HomePod (here in our Test) with microphones, the subtle sound reflections of the room. As always, the best sound is to be guaranteed.

In a first test of the Move could not convince yet. In the big screening room, the Move sounded neat, but thinner, than it is about the Sonos One is accustomed to. And in spite of a larger housing. If the sound fails in a normal apartment better, it can only show a Test. You can find it in a few weeks


The target price is quite high: 400 Euro cost of the Sonos Move. Considering that the Amazon most popular Bluetooth-boxes are in the range between 50 and 130 euros is a lot of money. Mask can’t see that as a Problem. “We have been presented with the Move is actually two products. A portable Wi-Fi Speaker for home and a Bluetooth speaker that brings the Sonos experience to the outside. And that is worth the price that we charge for it,” he self-consciously.

449 Euro Sonos Beam Test: as good As the Alexa is-Soundbar By Christoph Fröhlich

That Sonos market dares so late in the mobile speaker is certainly also due to the generally much slower extension of the offer. While competitors introduce more new models per year, holding back the Sonos and announcements. Some products, such as for the TV designed the Playbar to be offered for years, completely unchanged.

“We see the (slow product cycles) as an advantage,” said Mask. “Our customers know that If I product buy a Sonos, will be supported for years to come, and over time getting better and better. We don’t want you to constantly sell new devices. This gives the devices more value.” The focus is rather on a compact Portfolio, instead of always new models to offer. A disadvantage of this strategy is that products like the Playbar to act despite higher prices in comparison to newer but clearly outdated.

It comes to selection

Slowly, the group learns, however, on the customer’s wishes. With the Sonos One, the group introduced its first loudspeaker, of the supported control with Amazon’s assistant, Alexa. Together with the Move you are presented with the One SL is now a model without these microphones. “For us, it is usually not to replace a device. The Sonos One SL does not replace the previous One. He is an option for customers who do not need microphones in the speaker – or want,” says Mask. Just as the last year introduced Beam is not a replacement of the Playbar, but another Option.

In an important area Sonos offers but so far no Option: A pair of headphones, the company has not – despite numerous Requests from customers – so far, in the offer. “We are always trying new things and testing how they can be integrated,” says Mask pointed out. “And when they’re done, as the Move – then we introduce them to you. We watch the market very carefully. Since you have to wait a little.”

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