The government is ringing the bell against abstention in view of the legislative elections of June 12 and 19. As Le Parisien indicates, the executive is directly targeting young people by encouraging them to vote through various operations on social networks but also various platforms used by the greatest number. In partnership with the NGO Voted, the government has broadcast numerous educational or humorous messages on Instagram and Facebook as well as to users of BlaBlaCar and Airbnb, to call on voters to go to the polls.

A special operation was also organized during the 10th edition of the We Love Green festival, at the beginning of June, with the presence of various influencers at the “We Love Vote” stand, specially dedicated to reach the young electorate. From May 15 until June 14, spectators in the MK2 dark rooms also hear an unequivocal message before the screening of the films: “Don’t forget to go and vote next June 12 and 19!” “. A message that echoes the slogan used by the carpooling platform BlaBlaCar in recent weeks: “On June 12, let’s go for a first ride instead. On June 12 and 19, don’t take a BlaBlaCar, except to vote! “.

While the young electorate is targeted by this campaign, the government actually seeks to reach all voters, regardless of age or social background. “What worries us for these elections is to reach a record of abstention as in the 2017 legislative elections (57.36% in the second round). This time it was necessary to break the codes, “explains to our colleagues Dorian Dreuil, the co-president of the NGO Voted.

“The disaffection for the vote is particularly significant for first-time voters and the idea is to change the institutional campaign, to break with the usual codes of communication”, recognizes for his part Michaël Nathan, the director of the information service government (GIS). The government will therefore have the opportunity to see from Sunday evening, after the results of the first round, the impact that this broad campaign may have had on the abstention rate, which it hopes will be as low as possible. Le Parisien indicates that this campaign will also continue during the inter-round period and will end two days before the second round of legislative elections.