Sobyanin said that Muscovites like to access electronic medical records

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

to obtain access to your electronic health record (EHR) on the portal, to Muscovites it is necessary to identify and provide special photo, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin on his personal website.

“To access the EHR you must complete the application and attach it to the photo with the passport in hand,” he wrote.

Sobyanin explained that this procedure is necessary due to the fact that health information relates to personal data.

the Mayor noted that many citizens trust login their relatives and friends, however this does not apply to health information.

“So we entered the complex, but the most reliable identification procedure applicants to obtain access to the EHR,” wrote the mayor.

He said that the experts consider each statement in the manual mode, including check the photos of the applicant with photo in the passport.

in addition, in the near future to access medical records will be on the pictures, but only if the citizen who personally came to the center of public services and confirmed your account on

the Mayor stressed that for the protection of information when you open the EHR uses a two-step authorization. After entering the login and password on the user’s mobile phone will receive an SMS with a one-time additional password.

it is Noted that at the moment, already 20 thousand citizens have applied to of them 10 thousand people have got access to the EHR.

In the capital to date created more than 10 million e-health records, but access to them was only among health care workers. Now citizens will be able to quickly obtain current information about the state of their health without unnecessary trips to the clinic. It is expected that EHR will be available at any time.

in addition, referring, for example, to the doctor of a private clinic, you can provide him with all necessary information in a mode realwow time. To arrange access to their own electronic medical records and their children can patients over the age of 15 in the presence of the Moscow compulsory medical insurance policy.

Electronic medical record contains the history of the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. It is the protocols of the examinations of physicians, results of laboratory and instrumental investigations, prescriptions and other medical documents. It starts when you first visit the clinic, constantly updated and is one of the main tools of physicians.

for the First time, the following card appeared in the capital’s clinics in 2015. They are available to the doctors in the clinic and ambulance during a call.

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