photography lives of new experiments and exciting perspectives. So the world appears in a different light. The photographer for the staging as well as for the choice of motif, is responsible. Therefore, Trying out new techniques – such as the glass ball photography – great fun? All you need is the right lens, and a matching crystal ball. While the Background atmosphere is blurred is the Reflection of the image in the crystal ball in the foreground. This leads to interesting angles and exciting images.


has A suitable glass ball (also Lensball called) a clear texture. The subject must be able good mirror, so you can capture it with the camera. Here you will find a high quality Lensball for the crystal ball-photography.

The right technology

The art of crystal ball photography is a perfect symbiosis of a blurred Background, and a mirrored motif of the ball. A lens with a wide open aperture offers the best opportunities to achieve the background blur. Of course lighting conditions play an important role: you need for night shots is also an open blendiges lens (for example, aperture f/1.8).

photography-tips for beginners, This SLR cameras for beginners and you can From Hannah Leonhard

but This is not absolutely necessary, the closer you are to the glass ball on it, and the further away the Background is, the less sharp the subject is. So, you can use a Kit lens that has a larger aperture. In particular, in the case of good lighting conditions, you can achieve good results. This Canon lens with an aperture f/1.8 is a result of the open aperture and telephoto focal length is good for the crystal ball-photography.

Suitable motifs

the special feature of the crystal ball-photography and the heart of the image the ball is. In it, you can stage the world upside down, and in this way, for exciting contrasts worry. So, it is worthwhile to note a few basic things.


Everything is in the head. Just as it’s supposed to be at the glass ball photography


The Reflection in the ball is sharp. That’s why you pay attention to the focus and to check, which area is in focus. You can scan basically any subject that you like. Particularly interesting is the striking structures or distinctive landscapes seem to be. This could be, for example, bridges, or mountains. If you do not have these motifs in front of the door, you can let your imagination run wild – because the crystal ball-photography, you can implement it anywhere.


Small world is not in a ball

©Patrick T’Kindt Unsplash

A good tip for interesting photos, to position the glass ball with every shot in the center of the image. You try to scan the ball, for example, from a side angle or on the edge of the image. You remain open to new perspectives and dare to experiment.

The glass ball you can lay on the floor or in the palm of your Hand. Depending on which image you choose, you can integrate the Hand in the image.

Here you can see the glass ball photography in action:

And the last tip: make Sure you position yourself correctly and not in the Lensball mirrors. So you avoid that they are seen on the later picture to.

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