The Smartphone is probably the most personal piece of technology that we have. Photos, intimate conversations, up to our Bank of data you can find on the device, almost everything about us. No wonder that it is always apart from the Criminal to the data of the devices. Now a gap was discovered, the Hacker a wide range of data from the Smartphones were able to tap into. And of all places through the popular Whatsapp Messenger.

Through a gap in the implementation of the messenger, the Hacker can get access to the rest of the device, the “Financial Times” reported. Therefore, the Hacker should be able to pry out about a fraudulent call using the telephony function of the Messengers, the security measures. The call alone is not sufficient, if the Callee does not have to accept it. Because the hackers also often the calls from the list of the Messengers disappear with the victims of the attack, often nothing.

10 years of Whatsapp “Finally, we no longer understand us at all” – such as Whatsapp, our communication changed By Malte Mansholt Whatsapp Update on the way

“Everything about the attack suggests a private company, which is known for governments to work together to take on the operating system of Smartphones,” said Whatsapp to the “Financial Times”. How many users have been attacked about it, couldn’t tell the group yet. You have reported the case to the U.S. Department of justice. The Facebook subsidiary is supposed to have learned last week from the attacks. Since Friday she wants to have closed on the server side, the gap on Monday, it was closed in the Smartphone Apps. The Update should soon be in the majority of users and, in the ideal case, immediately installed arrive.

communication and It doesn’t have to be Whatsapp: five secure Messenger-the Alternatives By Malte Mansholt

Behind the attack program is suspected by the Israeli security firm NSO Group. You developed Hacker tools, then sells them to governments and secret services. Was discovered in the Whatsapp-mesh, because the Smartphone of the people was laws, attacked attorney. The London-based lawyer representing citizens of Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

The NSO Group stresses, to choose the government according to ethnic criteria, again and again, the company was accused but to make its products dictatorships. So also in Turkey, the murdered Journalist, and a Saudi is to be a critic, Jamal Kashoggi, allegedly with the company’s products being spied on.

source: the Financial Times