A Safe in the hotel room is a pretty handy thing. You just type in a four digit Code, closes the Safe, and a Smartphone, a watch, money or passport are safely stored. It is believed, at least. Because that is a fallacy, as a Video of the Youtubers lock picking lawyer shows. In a one and a half-minute Clip, he demonstrates how easy a hotel the usual in-room Safe can crack. A lot of technical Know-How, or acrobatic Finger skills are necessary. Here you can see how it works: to open

the Safe without the correct PIN, press in the in the Video shown in the model simply to the “Lock”button, then six times Nine, it’s Similar to the “Huffington Post” reported a few years ago, at the time, the combination of numbers was, however, in Zero six times.

The Hotels are to blame, A song of ice and leave “Game of Thrones”Hotel: Where “White Walkers” over you> the guards

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Lockpicking as a Sport

the man behind The Youtube-channel lock-picking lawyer is really a lawyer (in English “Lawyer”), as he explained in an Interview. In his Videos, he deals with all sorts of locks and explains how you without a key can be cracked. It is the ambition, not to criminal activities, as he explains in the Interview. In many countries, regular Lockpicking held Championships.

world password day So experts suggest to change every year, the password

Many special characters, the best every three months to change – there are many half-truths about dealing with secure passwords is circulating. To today’s world password day, we clean up with some of the most popular myths.

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