Snapchat now wants to increase in Germany, too, with a TV-like Format of its range, which was introduced a year ago in the United States.

In the “Discover”section of the Snapchat App, the new “Shows will appear in the future among users in Germany”. These Vertical Videos are between three and seven minutes long. They contain animated graphics and are cut in comparison to the usual TV shows much faster.

At the Start of the Format in Germany, eight media brands are: Axel Springer with “soccer”, brainpool TV (“LUKE! The week and I”), celebrity flash with “Celebrity News”, radio, Load, Studios, Onefootball, mirror (“Bento Mic Drop”), button made and from the time publishing group (“Out Now!”).

“Shows” is part of the “Discover” (“Discover”), which was launched in January of 2015 from Snapchat-business Snap with 18 brand partners. Meanwhile, over 100 media partners produce according to information of Snap in the world where “Stories”, which mainly consist of animated images and linked web pages. The TV-inspired Format “Shows” have contributed to the range of the Smartphone App significantly: Since the beginning of the year, the viewing time of the “Shows” on Snapchat world-wide more than tripled.

produced In the United States, the Snapchat company, now under the title “Snap original,” even “Shows”. In Germany, the Snap will be as a producer but is not active, but leaves the role of media houses and production companies. “We are excited to see how the young Snapchat audience on the Show will react.”, Mark Heywinkel, Deputy editor-in-chief of the ze The Online youth channel of the Zeit publishing group, presented on Snapchat the video series “Out Now!”. In it young people of your Coming to tell out, and how it has changed their lives.