It was a shock: Within the shortest period of time Wannacry” hundreds of companies and thousands of laid two years ago, “the home computer of lame. At the end of the 230,000 computers in 150 countries were affected. Europol called at the time “in its scale unprecedented attack”. Now Wannacry was sold, together with five more of the worst Cyber threats in the world. But at the auction it was a gigantic cyber-weapons-Deal – but an art project.

Wannacry-the successor of The new Trojan attack even met Chernobyl, and brought only 8000 Euro a By Malte Mansholt

“Persistance of Chaos” – The continued existence of the Chaos called the artist Guo O Dong the project, six of the most harmful Computer programs in the world, on a single Samsung Laptop accumulate. At the end of 1,345 million dollars, i.e. a little over 1.2 million euros were received. O Dong described his work to “The Verge” as a “catalogue of historical threats”. His art includes mostly the criticism of the progressive focusing of the modern society on the Internet. A live stream that showed the Laptop is now offline.

The wreckers

The collection of pests is actually impressive:

The worm “ILoveYou” has already caused the beginning of the Millennium, for fear and terror, spread rapidly to more than half a million Computer systems. In doing so, he caused $ 15 billion damage.Also MyDoom is a worm from the early times of the Internet. The Russian program should it even have brought in 38 billion dollars of damage.The worm “SoBig” made it to millions of Windows machines, it caused damage to 37 billion dollars.The blackmail Trojan “Wannacry” should have caused destruction in the value of a good four billion dollars. Alone $ 150 million it cost the British health system.”Dark tequila” raged especially in Latin America and destroyed the Bank and company data with millions of value.The Rootkit “black energy” was used in 2015, in an attack in the Ukraine and caused a major power outage.

Who has “bought Persistance of Chaos”, is not known. Actually, the trade is prohibited, such cyber-weapons in the United States, the auction in New York, and received as an art auction, an exception. The buyer also committed to keep the programs on the computer and not use it for attacks. To make it even harder, were shut down jacks in the Laptop, the wireless connection, as well as the Data. The hard drive could be removed but of course still.

sources: “Persistance of Chaos”, The Verge

attack with NSA tools “In comparison to Wannacry that’s raged for a nuclear bomb”

As for the blackmail Trojan Wannacry through the Internet, was considered the as the biggest Cyber-attack of all time. Now an expert has discovered a much worse and warns: “you can’t catch – and it’s happening right in front of our nose.”

By Malte Mansholt