Update 4. January, 7.15 PM: since The 02.01.2019 missing 41-year-old man was found dead on Thursday evening. After the man was wanted for, among other things, about the media and the social networks in the Public. Also of crucial note that the Missing person was seen against 20.50 in the centre of Memmingen, who was informed of the search on the social media.

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Finally, the 41-year-old was found shortly afterwards in a helpless situation and immediate medical help. The police Swabia, South-West is grateful for the assistance in the search.

the first message from Thursday: Missing man (41) in Memmingen

Memmingen – Since Wednesday, 2. In January, missing the 41-year-old Nicklas G. from Memmingen. He is probably on foot. His current whereabouts is unclear, according to police Swabia in the South/West.

The Missing person is between 1.60 and 1.70 meters tall, has short, smooth, black-brown hair and is wearing a chin – and-upper-lip-beard. His figure is strong, about the clothes, but nothing is known.

is Missing in Memmingen: Nicklas G. may item be in Need

It is not excluded that Nicklas G. is helpless and needs medical treatment.

The police searched the area intensively. However, even with the help of a police helicopter, Nicklas G. was not found until now.

Now you ask to Use. Notes can be reported under 08331/100-0 at the police station, Memmingen, or in any case, under 110 in the emergency call centre in Kempten.


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