Berlin (dpa/tmn) – In some aircraft, the legroom is small and the seat is narrow. This is especially uncomfortable for particularly large or wide passengers – sometimes it is for the person sitting next to eng.

What can obese passengers on the plane do so for your comfort and safety? You should better to book two seats? “No passenger is asked at the time of booking according to his weight,” says Carola Scheffler from the Federal Association of the German air traffic economy (BDL). “It is in the discretion of the traveler, whether he wants to book two seats, or a higher booking class, with wider Seats, or a free middle seat.”

As the seat widths depending on airline and booking class will vary, but it is useful for us to pay at the time of booking. Especially during take-off and landing, all passengers for security reasons, not only the seat and the table fold back, but also the armrests fold down.

Scheffler observes: “Especially on long-haul flights there are in a higher booking class, there is often more space, so this can mean for a particularly long time, or obese people a good and convenient Alternative.” But of course, such a space is also significantly more expensive.