The iPhone was a Revolution: While smart phones were with buttons cluttered, put it on the large touch screen. Only four physical switches brought it for years: The volume rocker, the mute switch, power button and of course the iconic Home Button. Since the iPhone X of the story is – and the power button has a bunch of stuff.

For the button, and the Apple placed only on the top of the device and the wandered with the iPhone 6 to the side, has considerably more to it than most users are likely to suspect – from the Screenshot to the alarm siren.

ALARM – in 5,4,3…

The emergency function of the Power Button has learned the hard way with iOS 11. Pressing it five times in a row quickly, the key, sounds a siren. At the same time the iPhone five counts down – then it sends automatically an emergency call. So, the user has time, a false alarm to cancel.

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Apple wants to help with the Feature, in the case of straightforward to make an emergency call. Something odd: On many iPhones, the feature is not turned on automatically. You can find the Option in the system settings under “emergency SOS”. There can also define whether there really is an immediate emergency call to be dropped to. In addition, you can turn off the vibration Allende siren. This is however, hardly to be: In the pocket, you can trigger the Alarm time and then calls, perhaps an ambulance, without it.

Siri and screen photos

since the very beginning, Apple of the switch-on had a button, but more is expected. Together with the Home Button, you can shoot photos screen, the iPhone X and the new one uses instead of the Home button and the upper volume button.

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In the case of Apple’s top model, there is due to the lack of Home button two more features: hold the power button longer, reports the voice assistant, Siri, who lives with all the other iPhones in the Home Button. Also for purchasing in iTunes and the App Store, you need may be the power button. You want to confirm for safety’s sake every purchase, and uses the face detection Face ID, you will need to activate the when you purchase it with a double Press of the Home button. On the iPhone, but of self.


Has hung up the iPhone once, you can hurt it with a so-called Hard Reset just. The following restart all programs and the operating system will be reloaded, and thus mostly fixed the Problem. And, you guessed it, also you need the Power button.

Holding the Home Button and power button for ten seconds, the older iPhones immediately. In the current models since the iPhone 8, it is a piece complicated. First, you have to press and release the volume up button very quickly after that, the volume down button. Directly after you hold the power button again for ten seconds. All of the iPhone shortly after the Reset, the normal power-on.

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Trick 1: Faster Loading, most of The Apple Fans own more than one device from Cupertino. If you call, so in addition to the iPhone and an iPad of their Own, there is a quick charging method: Use it instead of the iPhone-the network part of the of the iPads. Thanks to the higher strength of current, the iPhone charges significantly faster. Fully the is not recommended but, unfortunately, The battery suffers in the long term and keeps up with the time will be shorter.

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