Galvanic Games, known for developing Wizard With a Gun, is sadly closing down. The studio’s president and founder, Patrick Morgan, expressed his sorrow over the announcement, stating that despite the initial success of their game, sales were not strong enough to sustain the studio. The collaboration with Devolver Digital was a dream come true for the team, but the current market conditions have led to this unfortunate outcome.

Morgan highlighted the irony of spending a decade building an ideal team, only for it to come to an end after their most productive year. The dedication and hard work of the team members were praised, emphasizing the extraordinary efforts put into their projects. The closure will impact the talented developers who were part of the Galvanic Games team, and their LinkedIn profiles were shared to help them find new opportunities.

Devolver Digital responded with a message of support, expressing their love for the team. The exact number of jobs affected by the closure remains unknown, adding to the uncertainty faced by the employees. This closure adds to the growing list of studio shutdowns and job losses in the gaming industry, reflecting a challenging time for developers.

The gaming industry has seen a significant number of layoffs in 2024, with over 10,800 people losing their jobs by June. This surpasses the total layoffs in the previous year, indicating a concerning trend. Major companies like Avalanche and League of Geeks have also made difficult decisions, such as office closures and reducing their workforce, due to economic pressures.

While some analysts believe that the wave of layoffs may slow down soon, the aftermath of these job losses will continue to impact the industry. The resilience and creativity of game developers will be tested as they navigate through these challenging times. The closure of Galvanic Games serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of the gaming industry and the importance of adapting to changing market conditions.