China’s military parade to mark the anniversary of the naval forces has a Star: the first destroyer type 055, “Nanchang”. We had of course the vessel in the shipyard and when launched, but this Time the destroyer in the middle of the fleet was not, if he is even fully ready.

But why this ship is the undisputed prom Queen of a large military parade was? The type 055 demonstrates what to expect on the West. The new rocket is a destroyer as the most modern and battle powerful ship of its kind and the should older added – US-missiles, the Arleigh-Burke-destroyers-class superior.

the Best in its class

You could say: the ship of China shows the United States, where the Hammer hangs. And the celebration is for Beijing a reason to. Because even if China likes to do PR for military research, limited the number of operational weapons systems that can compete with their US counterparts. So it is no wonder that President Xi himself went on Board, and China’s TV stations, the 10,000-ton type 055 with the ships of the United States compared.

Four pieces of the type 055 have been built in the two years since 2017, four more are being worked on. Marine analysts expect that by the end of the 2020s, 24 ships of the type 055 could be introduced.

military technology, China’s Einstein-Radar is to US invisible Jets shoot down By Gernot Kramper

The guided missile destroyer is 180 meters long, 20 meters wide. The “Nanchang” was equipped with 112 vertical launch cells in two blocks. The ship also has a 130 mm gun, it will be replaced in the future, probably by an electromagnetic Railgun. The war ship also carries up to two helicopters of the type Z-18 to U-boat hunting. Also the price tag of the “Nanchang” alarmed the West. Beijing should have paid for the strong ship of only 800 million U.S. dollars. The “USS Zumvalt” – which is generally regarded as a failure, has cost the American taxpayer between 3.5 and 4.4 billion US dollars.

sea power is world power

Each volume group, of Beijing, is accompanied by two ships of the new class. Up to the year 2030, the strength of the people’s liberation Navy is expected to grow enormously. “You should decide, in the Navy, 2029 on the occasion of its 80. Year day, a maritime Parade, people can see three aircraft-carrier battle groups with six to eight destroyers of the type 055”, said the Chinese Navy expert Xu Guangyu.

combat drones, an export hit – The most powerful killer of A carrier group comes from China By Gernot Kramper

the drone of the world will consist of an aircraft carrier, two types of 055, a U-boat, some smaller destroyers and frigates. In addition to the large type 055 is currently eleven of these smaller destroyers to be built from the type 052D. To do this, satellite images modules of four other destroyers of unknown type have been detected, as well as parts for China’s third aircraft carrier.

the type 055 is a ship that can fulfill a variety of tasks. The destroyer represents for Beijing and an important step, a real blue-water-build a Navy that can operate far from its own shores. It is an important prerequisite for China’s planned ascent to a world power that can compete in terms of military strength with the United States.

Chinese military have studied the writings of the US captain and naval strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan. According to Mahan “sea power” is the source of global strength. And it is based on three pillars: a world-wide trade, fire force Navy and access to bases in the world. These three aspects of Beijing increased in recent years.

sources: China mail; defense news; the Economist; Navy Recognition

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Beijing is building a destroyer type 055 after the other. These missile destroyers are going to be the bodyguard of a Chinese aircraft carrier. Apart from the US carriers, you are considered to be the most modern and battle, most powerful surface ships in the world.

Gernot Kramper