Scientists have found a way to run their computers

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

European scientists learned how to create super-fast computers. Researchers have found a way of electron transfer in semiconductor circuits scale in the femtosecond range, affecting the particles of light, according to

Physicists have created experimental installation with ultra-fast laser capable of producing 100 millions of light pulses per second. You can use “switch” electric current with a speed of approximately 600 attoseconds (600 to 10 to the minus 18-degree second).

Modern electronic components are switched within picoseconds (10 to the minus 12-degree second). Mobile devices work at frequencies of the order of gigahertz, and some transistors at the frequency of the order of terahertz (10 to the 12th degree Hertz). However, to increase the speed even more difficult task.

the Study allows to understand how light interacts with matter inside the semiconductor. In the future scientists will study the electron transfer in the devices of a larger scale.

In November it became known that Sberbank specialists developed the most powerful Russian supercomputer “of Cristofori”. Thanks to him, the speed of problem solving of artificial intelligence needs to reach a new level.

the Supercomputer was developed together with Nvidia. It is distinguished by high-performance nodes NVIDIA DGX-2, equipped with computing accelerators Tesla V100. Power “of Cristofori” takes the seventh place in Europe and 29th in the world.

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