A new inkjet printer from HP? We all know: tall, angular, very technical and usually pretty unsightly. One would not print, or copy, need to scan, and thanks to photo paper, the response to the nearest drugstore for the holiday photos to save, would hardly be someone the ugly parts in the apartment. And because we dispense with Smartphone and Laptop more and more frequently, on a Desk, do it well, less and less people. A Dilemma that wants to solve HP with the Tango X.

when unpacking the Tango – he seems to be different. Edgy he is, but technically, the Matt does not seem to be white, Shoe-box-sized device with a more understated HP Logo at all. Visible Buttons. Only on the back two buttons are available. In addition, enhanced textile Mat is in gray. A power cable, that’s it. “That’s the printer?”, my son knows so far, only the chunks of laser printers from our Home Office asks.

Residential Design for any room

In an office should not stand in the printer according to the idea of HP. And for that, the reinforced textile shell from unpacking into the game, which gives the printer with the color combination of gray and White Scandinavian living chic. You can around the printer flaps and clings tightly to the device. The printer then acts rather like a large, linen-bound book – and thus can move Readily from the office to the living room. What are other, technically, the end of printing behemoths grace can’t say.

A common question but unfortunately, immediately: what to do with the stack of paper? I put it simply with the grey fabric. This raises him up a bit, hiding the paper yet, so really nothing on the function as a printer, indicates. A trough 50-sheet would have been on the top, however, makes sense.


Large book or Lifestyle printer: The chic textile cover hides the Tango X.

©Heiko Spilker stern.de A printer for all the

in addition to a good appearance of the Tango X can do even more: He not only has a chic Lifestyle Outfit, but has yet to be developed as a Smart home printer. In a home with many devices, such as Laptops, Smartphones or Tablets, he should insert itself seamlessly, and especially wireless. So there is no further possibility of connection is the printer up on the current connection. A note card with a QR-Code on the carton indicates on a printer App to Set up, which is loaded with an iPhone or Android Smartphone, quickly. Only after the establishment of then computer with Windows and MacOS may be inserted by verschicktem Link. The Smartphone is going on. After that, the printer is really easy everywhere in the Wi-Fi network address. While some of the registration window in the App to deal with, but after a few minutes, we can finally start.


Instead of Display: Three LED Icons indicate when the printer error and status messages. The main control is, however, via the App.

In the App are shown, all functions as a clear tiles. And of which the small box has some in store In addition to the printing of photos and documents are also Copy and scan. However, the test pressure, the first Problem shows up: “No more paper”, to popping it on my phone Display. But where to insert this-a-casting-Design? A classic drawer. I discover that the top of the unit is a few millimeters thinner lid. A flashing indicates works including the end LED to the hidden paper tray, while the open lid serves as a support for the stack of paper.

and the multi-colored test print the printer as a high-quality model. The letters are sharp, and the printed Logo in Blue strong. The same applies for the end Photo print of a sunset from my cell phone images collection. – The color gradient in the sky shows no distracting stripes. The basic function of the printer creates so brilliantly.


With your tiles the App allows intuitive control of the Tango X.

©Heiko Spilker stern.de Never again empty printer cartridges

But as a so-called Smart home printer would be alone a good print image a little bit. All the smart home dream, yet it is often a fridge that re-ordered milk in a timely manner, if you are going to run out. The Tango X can – at least in for his ink. Because of the registration in the App you can log in to the “Instant Ink”program of HP. This is a subscription model with a staggered number of printable pages per month, which starts at just under 3 Euro for 50 pages, and at almost 700 pages for 20 Euro ends.

Notice that the printer now that the ink level is too low, according to orders, he quickly over the Internet, which is then sent in the Post. The cost for the new ink cartridges are included in the monthly fee. Goody for all owners of a Tango-X-printer: Via Smartphone printed photos with a size of up to 13×18 cm are ignored for the monthly quota. You are free of charge. This is true even for photo prints directly from Instagram, if you are connected to his Social Media Account with the printer App.


For the printout of the photo of the Tango X takes about a Minute.

©Heiko Spilker stern.de Full force mobile

Speaking of mobile Upload, like Instagram, thanks to its established connection to the Internet a printing process for photos can even be on-the-go to start – also for the proper documents. Scan you can simply by printer App. This works the same as the popular Smartphone Apps. Simply select the desired letter or contract side on a flat surface and photograph it. In a post-processing of the edges of the sheet by means of movable guides can be precisely defined. The App calculates a document as a JPG image file or PDF-file locally on the phone or in various Cloud services from Dropbox to Googledrive to store. And from there you can print it out in the world again on the home printer.

This item is not meant to be HP, but probably to the end: Thus, you can print on the go, you must, of course, also works the Fuel cap and paper to be loaded. Then the camouflage as a chic item of furniture is gone. The user must choose between spontaneous pressure and the chic Look. Too bad.

conclusion: Good thinking, HP – but, unfortunately, not everywhere

A high-performance printer with a scan function, the smart Design fully suited for a living room is for all, thanks to mobile devices such as Laptop and Smartphone anyway no fixed computer space at home, the Tango X is an exciting Alternative. The price of 155 Euro for the package is quite reasonable. thought

it was the end of the great idea but was not: In the folded state, you don’t know with the rest of the stack of paper right where to go, who wants to go to print, it needs to know before he starts. Here one could have wished for a more elegant solution.

And something else: Whether the additional costs-causing Abofunktion worth it, everyone should once before by expect. Who prints regularly, you can save money: 200 pages cost in four months, only twelve euros instead of 30 euros for a cartridge with the same pressure performance. Who prints every few months, a two images, or a letter but has to pay for it.

purely a matter of taste, whether the printer is in the living room next to vases or decoration on the Sideboard. It is possible, thanks to its optics.