Currently, the value of the baden-württemberg software manufacturer listed with 89,76 Euro, the previous day’s closing price was 90,49 Euro. For SAP, it is now to some varied days of downhill.

As the Dax moved today by 0.79 per cent down, is SAP today with a decline of 0.81 % in the middle third of the Dax on 16th place. The company’s stock is currently 20,01 percent below its 52-week High, which was 107,72 Euro. The 52-week Low of the share amounted to 83,04 EUR.

On a turnover of 1.54 million euros, the price came up to date. On the previous trading day, a total of papers to the value of even 2,10 million euros were traded.

Not only by the number of employees of 88,500 (December 2017), SAP is one of the largest corporations in the most important German stock market index. Due to the market value of the baden-württemberg software manufacturer of 108.354,07 million euros, the company has 10.50%, the largest weight in the calculation of the Dax.

In the SAP on 31. December 2017, ended the last financial year, the baden-württemberg software manufacturer, has achieved a turnover of 23.5 billion euros and a profit of 3.62 billion euros.

data: tradegate Exchange / date: Tuesday, 27. November 2018, 15:59 PM

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