On Wednesday evening presented by Samsung in New York, his two new top-of-Smartphones, the big Galaxy Note 10 and the even larger Galaxy Note 10+. The next Generation of pen mobile phones is faster, better, bigger – but exciting it is not. For a Bang Samsung provided, however, in a completely different place: with an ultra-slim, Windows 10-Laptop, the Galaxy Book, Which was surprising, because Samsung had adopted 2014 actually out of the Notebook market. Now, five years later, dare, the group’s Comeback.

Galaxy Book: compact Macbook-Challenger

In the case of a Notebook are the first two things are crucial: weight and dimensions. Because no one wants to haul around a heavy, thick log with it. This is not the Galaxy Book S fortunately not the case: It weighs less than a kilogram, the metal housing is 11.8 mm thin and according to the manufacturer, in order of 3.7 millimeters slimmer than Apple’s Macbook Air and 2.6 mm slimmer than Microsoft’s Surface Laptop. Only the Acer Swift 7 is 9,95 mm thinner. The supplies, however, only a maximum of ten hours of run time, Samsung promises with 23 hours more than twice as much.

Frugal processor

How is this possible? Instead of an Intel CPU, as he is in most of the laptops, installed Samsung a Qualcomm Chip. The manufacturer is actually known for its Smartphone Chips, has been developed with the Snapdragon 8cx but a processor designed specifically for Notebooks. The Chip should be Samsung, according to a similar performance as existing laptops, with top models he can’t keep up but probably. How well the Qualcomm processor fails in comparison with Intel’s Chips of the ninth, or even the recently introduced tenth Generation, will later show comparative tests.

the strength of The Qualcomm Chips is already less on the performance, but rather in its frugal power consumption. This has a nice side-effect: Due to the lower heat development of the Samsung saves the fan. In addition, the Chip allows an LTE connection. With an inserted Sim-card you can go without Wi-Fi always online – assuming you have mobile reception. This function will offer only a few Laptops.

the market launch in the autumn

the rest of The equipment is largely unspectacular: The screen measures 13.3-inch, the memory is eight gigabytes smaller than the Galaxy Note 10+, which is already equipped with 12 gigabytes. The built-in hard drive (SSD), depending on the embodiment, 256 or 512 gigabytes of storage space, also has long been the Standard. It will load the Notebook via USB-C, two Jacks are located in the Notebook – this is also more economical. Classical USB or network connections are missing, here Adapter will be needed.

As the operating system, Windows 10 comes in. As an entry-level price Samsung is 1099 Euro. When the device comes on the market, is not yet known – for a Start between September and October, is aiming for.

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