Samsung has introduced series of Mature specimens of the foldable Tablet-smartphone Galaxy Fold. The Android device for around 2000 Euro on 3. May come to the European market.

the heart is a 7.3-inch foldable Indoor Display. There is a smaller Display on the outside. By a hinge between the two parts of the device the Fold as a classic Smartphone with external display, use, or unfolded as a large Tablet in the 4,2:3 Format with up to three simultaneous open App Windows. A total of six cameras are installed. In addition, there should be a Version of the Fold to be used in future 5G networks.

Samsung is the first manufacturer shows a serial device, competitor Huawei is far aside. The foldable Huawei Mate X will appear in the summer – and with 2300 Euro more expensive.

Despite the high prices of market researchers such as Gartner, the potential for devices like the Galaxy Fold. Even if the high entry prices buyers will first of all brakes, as analysts, restrict. Gartner expects around 30 million units sold in the year 2023, so that folding would represent devices, around five percent of the premium segment. In the medium term, Gartner expects more foldable Smartphones in the same form factor. The manufacturer will be more willing to experiment, according to the forecast.