It sounds like a Paradox that The smarter something is, the more complicated it is. Likely everyone wanted to sign, has already tried once to have an App-controlled coffee machine or a toothbrush via Bluetooth pairing. Mass have, however, Smart-TVs, i.e., TVs with built-in Apps. No wonder: With only one remote control, you can go here between traditional TV stations, media libraries, streaming services, and Play a flip of a switch.

This is convenient, but has its downsides. Where everything is centralized, you can also learn a lot. Some TVs take the privacy the not-too-carefully and capture the media consumption and operate for the manufacturer without being asked, market research, without the user suspecting anything.

virus-Scan on the TV?

Now, a message added to the beautiful new world of television in excitement: The official Twitter Account of Samsung USA asked its customers to “every couple of weeks,” an anti-virus Scan on your television to perform. The only way to protect against malicious software, wrote the South Korean manufacturer. In a short explanatory video was shown, as the built-in Scan can be started.

viruses on the TV? The reactions to the Tweet were divided in two: Many were stunned, others started on Samsung fun. The US technology website “The Verge“ you scoffed, the case demonstrates impressively why you should not Samsung-Smart-TV. Because, as smart a TV that was not even able to hold automatically in the Background for viruses on the lookout?

security on TVs is in question

The Tweet has since been deleted, but the debate continues. In the past, security vulnerabilities in Smart TVs, creating more of a stir. Wikileaks revealed approximately in the year 2017, the CIA was able to manipulate some of the Samsung model series so that the camera and microphone of the Smart TVs have been tapped, and to make the unit look as if it was turned off.

Who would like to be on the safe side, you should disable best the smart functions of the TV or the TV not to connect to the Internet. An Alternative to the built-in Apps separate playback devices such as Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV or an Apple TV.

8K-TV is misleading: Samsung’s new Top-of-the TV is more expensive than a Porsche

are the New TV tax, this is no secret. But for his top of the range model, Samsung is now demanding more than for a Mercedes or Porsche. The high price for a reason.