Galaxy Note – all of the beginning for gigantic Displays and the practical pen to use it. After the Displays of the competition have also grown powerful, placed Samsung its Notes as a power Monster with no compromises. With the just presented in Note 10 and Note 10 Plus the focus shifts again. For the first time, there is a stripped-down version of the giant of smartphones. However, is anything but cheap.

Because Samsung is its new premium-class and, correspondingly, to pay: The comparison of stripped-down standard model of Galaxy Note 10 costs 950 Euro. The customer really wants the best technology of the group, he must place a minimum of 1100 euros for the Note 10 Plus on the table. In comparison to Apple’s current model, although this is not strikingly expensive, the Android competitors, but are usually significantly below these prices.

Many Fans reacted angrily to the Anündigung. You throw Samsung, the Note 10 compared to the previous to greatly slimmed down to make the Note 10 Plus more attractive. What is offered for the 950 Euro are simply too expensive. Also, the elimination of the TRS connector on both models makes for Trouble. In the last few years, Samsung had taken multiple Apple on the grain, because the group had deleted the connection.

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the devices are a little surprising. The angular Design is typical based. The Displays (6.3 inches at the grade 10, 6.8 inches, the Note 10 Plus) take up almost the entire Front, only a small hole in the middle allows the camera to take a look-see. Well, Instead of aluminum Samsung continues now as Apple on a framework of more stable stainless steel. The own button to start the wizard, Bixby has been deleted, it will now start on the left side mounted power button.

In the case of the technology Inside, both models are far forward: The self-developed processor, the Exynos 9825 promises in both models, extreme performance and low power consumption. Even in the cheapest model Samsung installed 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of space for data. In the Plus model, there are 12 GB of RAM.

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The S-Pen now supports Gestures. How useful this is, it will show. While before you needed a private Dock, to be able to the touch with an external screen as a Computer, you can connect it by cable to a PC or Mac and data and Apps.

the camera is expected to be Samsung is also in the front. As with the S10, there are three Snap, which will allow, among other things, wide-angle and Zoom photos. Strong: for the First time, the Bokeh effect can be demonstrated with depth of field blur in Videos use. How well the Shoot are really, needs to show a Test. The novel Time-of-Flight camera detects the distance data and allows it to create 3D images of objects. It is, however, only in the more expensive Plus model.

The Note 10

is saved In comparison to the Plus version, you have to make the Note 10 significant cuts. The resolution of the display no longer corresponds to now – like its predecessor – QuadHD, but only an enlarged FullHD Display (2280 x 1080 pixels). A higher resolution (3040 x 1440 pixels) offers only the Plus-variant. The battery has shrunk to the stars 10: With 3400 mAh, he has become significantly smaller, the Plus model he has, however, 4170 mAh part, due to the larger power consumption of the grown Displays it should give a little more runtime. And also the extremely fast Loading by cable with 45 W and a memory expansion via microSD card, there is only the Plus model.

Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus can already be pre-ordered. The official market start is the 23. August. A detailed Test follows soon

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